I have new TOYS!

sistersunnieJune 20, 2007

Finally I broke down and went searching for tools of my own instead of borrowing and sweet talking others for either the tools or the services. My usual accomplice (steppop- who is nicknamed hammer pop) is struggling with cancer, the surgeries and the aftermath, so isnt available. Couldnt buy new so asked around AND my mother said" go in your grandpops shed and see what he has" I found a b&d drill and jigsaw with all the attachments, bits, heads etc! And my grandpop's really neat wooden level!

No cost and priceless because of the sentimental value. My grandfather died years ago, but because he greased everything within an inch of its life, everything is working smoothly! I am so excited, projects watch out!!

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Sister, sorry to hear about your pop, but isn't it great to have all you're own TOYS. LOL. Now get busy girl

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Ah, there will be no stopping you now you have your own toys.

Sending well wishes and good thoughts to "Hammer Pop," too!

Here is a link that might be useful: My crafting/thrifting/decorating blog

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I did need a chuck key and a hex tool to change out the bits and blades. Took my tools into Lowes to find the parts. The Tool Manager laughed at my tools! Seriously he did, but not making fun of them. Said it was so cool to see them, that they were classic b&d and prob collectible. Told me not to use them, were worth $$. Nope priceless to me and I will SO use them! He thanked me for sharing them with everyone,made my day!

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How wonderful you'll be using your Grandfather's tools for your projects. I bet he is looking down from the heavens and will make sure you're projects come out perfect!

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