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sistersunnieJune 6, 2007

I just bought (really cheap) an assortment of tiny little glasses, cordial, champange, wine, etc..... They are so cute! Now what can I do with them for gifts.... There are one, two or three of each, no real sets.

I thought of mini plants, fill with candy, votives...

Any other suggestions?

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I like using pretty glasses to put tea lights in. Set one at each place setting when you have a dinner party and the guests can take them home. Make up pretty name tags and tie them to the stem of the glass with ribbon to match your table linens.

Debbie in Florida

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The mini african violets do very well in those type glasses...I line them with a shred or two of moss and then put in the plant. The violets like to be pot bound, so they work out just right!

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You could make candy boquets or sundaes.

Here is a link that might be useful: Old link from holiday forum

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I used some misc. wine & champagne glases and made "lights" out of them and sold them at the X-mas craft show - cut a lamp shade from vellum - I punched figures out scallaped the bottum (use light colored vellum)- I filled the glass 3/4 full with those clear "rocks" (can't remember what they are called)used a flicker light ("the safe candle")sold like crazy!!

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the people just repeat the ideas of what sunnie already suggested. if you have friends that partake in alcoholic beverages. you could give them a gift of champagne and add the little glass to the pouch or use ribbon or such to tie the glass onto the box. make sure they're as sparkly as the drink inside.

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sorry dustyknees, I guess one of the wires on my thinking cap came loose, lol.

Debbie in Florida

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Fill them with spice mixes. Like chicken soup mix, or cinnamon and sugar, or Garlic salt and a big loaf of good bread. Maybe some really good jams or homemade jellys or seasoned butters. Use some colored sharpies to decorate. Fill with M&M's or nuts or something. If you know someone who likes lip gloss make them some lip gloss and fill a tiny cup. Fill it with bath salt or bubble bath. Wrap it with really nice wash cloths. What a fun way to get cash. Fill with bills folded to fit.I filled some puffes of cloth and stuffing with really good bath powder tied them with ribbons and set them in fancy bowls as party favors. Tons of stuff ya can do with glasses. Let us know what works for you.

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For my husbands 50th birthday party I made candles out of wine glasses and drink glasses. I melted clear wax and put it a one inch pan lined with foil. When it was hard I cut it into ice cube size. Put one in wine glass and 3 in drink glass. Then for wine glass I tinted the wax a pinkish color, let it cool down a little so it didn't melt ice cubes. filled glasse. after i put wick in. then added toothpicks with painted beads on then( olives, cherries, etc.) hope this helps. PS for drink glasses I tinted wax brownish for rum and coake and added a stirrer.

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