Minor cabinet repair advice requested

EATREALFOODDecember 19, 2011

Hi. I noticed a few "dings" in my maple cabinets. The cabinets are bleached I think, not natural finish. I will post pictures tomorrow, but the color doesn't seem to come out very well. I also have a few chips on the bottom of the towers. Should I bring a door to a cabinet maker and see if they can match? Also I need the finished side panels(are these called "skins"?).

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By dings, do you mean scratches through the finish and stain to the bare wood? If so, take it to a paint store to get them to match the stain and tell you what finish coat to match.

If it's the dent you want fixed, and it is not a painted finish, I have no idea, but think a fix might not be possible.

If it's a painted finish, and it is over a year old, I wouldn't mess with it unless you are willing to repaint the entire piece, as old paint is very hard to touch up without either being slightly different color, or showing brush marks around the edges, or appearing as a holiday where the gloss is not the same as the surrounding finish.

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Thanks marti8a
The finish is scraped off to the bare wood in a few small areas. Also can a cabinet maker provide matching side panels ? I bought the cabinets used, they are good (3/4 birch ply) construction except for a few minor surface flaws nothing major IMHO.
I was thinking I could repair these areas, live with it for a while and then get new doors at some point.

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Is it a plain stain and polyurethane finish? Unless it is a finish that has to be cured under ultraviolet light, or sprayed in a booth (like lacquer), I'd take it to a paint store and get them to match the stain and see if they can tell what kind of finish coat is on it. Not the paint department at a big box store, but a paint store. They will have a tool that can tell how many coats of finish are on it too.

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