Help me pick a paint color for my Kitchen

dilly_nyJuly 17, 2012

The kitchen forum has been a great inspiration to me in selecting and deciding so many choices. In the home stretch of our renovation, we've hit a hurdle about paint color. We have maple stained cabinets with dark glaze, colonial gold granite counters, black iron hardware and stainless steel appliances. We have not yet selected back splash tile. We will be staining the beams and other trim either in tone with the cabinets or floor, not sure which yet, but we will not introduce another wood tone. Here is our work in process:

In the room, we also have a stone fireplace which has alot of grey tones.

The stone is called Bucks County Ledge Stone and here is a closer up look

We are just not sure which way to go with paint color. We would like to achieve a rustic farmhouse look. I was leaning towards a light neutral color, but I don't like the monotone look of this room (though very nice).

Traditional Living Room design by San Francisco Carpet And Flooring Amber Flooring

I would like a bit more color in the paint. I appreciate any suggestions. Thanks!

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What a lovely kitchen!
I immediately thought how gorgeous all your materials choices would look with a cooler neutral on the walls. I know you said "more color," but I think if you stick to a soft warm gray, everything else you have chosen will stand out beautifully.
Because your cabinet color is so warm, I would avoid anything with a green undertone, which will push them toward orange. Something like B Moore's "gray owl" or "Stonington Gray" or the gorgeous "Thunder" from the Affinity group would look wonderful.

If you want to be colorful, I'd consider a luscious gold like the veining in your countertops. Farrow & Ball's "Ciara Yellow," "Citron," or "Print Room Yellow" might be contenders.

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Oh - and I vote for toning the woodwork in with the floor rather than the cabinets. Too matchy the other way, and I like the idea of connecting the architectural elements to the darker tone, to help the cabinets stand out.

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What a beautiful kitchen. I think something like BM Mellowed Ivory 2149-50 would be so fresh. Soft light blue or gray would also be beautiful. There are so many colors that would look good, what direction are you thinking.

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Bronwynsmom - can grey be a warm color? Grey always seems cool to me. I will go and get a paint sample of a grey you suggest.

Caminnc - I would like a warm color. I definitely do not want the cabinets to look orange. I would like an old fashioned rustic look. I was thinking of teal as an accent color for accessories in the room. I love the SM Mellowed Ivory, but it is very similiar to the SW Compatible Cream that I have in an adjoining room and I wanted something different.

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Oh teal could be beautiful but I would keep it on the lighter side.

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I would not paint the walls teal, but I was thinking of teal decor items. I have a large table in the room, so perhaps a tablecloth with some teal in it. I also plan to have some window treatments on the sliding door next to the tv, so maybe bring in some teal there too.

I originally considered blue denim for decor items (not paint), but I didn't like it when I tried a blue denim colored tablecloth.

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The one gray beige that is not anything but neutral is BM smokey taupe. It's enchanting and will go beautifully with your rooms. It changes depending on the light but always stays in the greige tones. Google fieldstone and BM smokey taupe and go to google images. Your home is gorgeous and this paint is a sophisticated yet rustic look, it's very pleasant.

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Thanks! I am so happy with the way things are turning out, but I know picking the right paint is very important for the final look.

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I'm back again and I've been putting up samples of some of the colors mentioned above as well as some green. I want a warm feeling in this room. Will using a sage green paint take away from the warmth?

SW Sea Salt, SW Tidewater, and BM Thorton Sage all look too blue in my room. Now I am looking at SW6190 Filmy Green and BM 471 Tea Light. What do you think of these colors? WIll they overwhelm the space? Or are they light enough to give a little color without over powering? I hesitate because they are "cool neutrals."

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What I first saw was a reddish/orangish bold color -then I mentally toned it down. Then I thought I saw the goldish color of your granite. But, I have been trying to pick a color for my FR for a year now, so don't go by what I see ! LOL

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Have you looked at Restoration Hardware's Silver Sage? You can always have it mixed at BM instead of purchasing from RH. I think it's beautiful with warm wood tones.

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@Jeannie - selecting a color is so hard. Personally, I like the white primer but DH is pushing me to add color.

@Lazydaisy-not- I did not know that RH has paint. That looks like a really nice color. Maybe I can order a sample.

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dilly, it's a really nice color that changes depending on the light, showing varied shades of grey/blue/green. You can probably find lots of photos of it by googling. Good luck!

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You can have Sherwin Williams mix up a SAMPLE of RH Silver Sage. Their samples are very large and not expensive at all, I think around $5. That's what we did on a recent RH match and it worked out perfectly.

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Good idea, fripper - just keep in mind that the inexpensive samples don't have the same chemical structure as the regular paint, and you shouldn't use them for anything but to check the color. And even then, they lack some of the richness of the high-quality paints.

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