Wits End?

loribee2April 22, 2011

Does anyone know how big a shop Wits End is? I asked for some sample tiles, and was shocked to find them in the mail, all labeled individually in pretty little ziplock bags--for FREE.

I had assumed there would be a charge like there is at Mosaic Art Supply, so I'd asked for a LOT. (Like 15 different styles/colors) I have my own labeling system so I took them all out of the bags. I was thinking about returning the little bags so they could reuse them--I have an image in my head that this is a mom & pop shop. But if they're big enough and would probably just toss them anyway, I don't want to bother.

Anyone know much about this company? Wow, that was so nice!

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All I know is they're a favorite among many mosaic artists. I used to order lots from them. That was a nice gesture. I'm sure she'd love to get a nice note. I received a huge order yesterday from Wholesalers USA, and I sent them a note to commend them on the swift response to my order, good packing and quality products. I got 12 bags of the large black gems, some large glass squares, several bags of large gems in luscious colors, and five bags of orange opaque regular sized gems - over $100 order to keep from paying postage. I couldn't even lift the box - barely could roll it inside w/my foot. Check them out for gems. Another nice lady is Maria - Mosaics by Maria. I'm expecting an order from her any day - sparkly mirror sheets. Her service is great, and she wraps beautifully too. Orders over $60 - no shipping.

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I bought lots of glass gems from Wholesalers USA. Loved their selection and prices. Then I tried ordering mosaics and they screwed up my order twice. What annoyed me was that when they reshipped my order, they shipped it regular UPS again, so I had to wait a second week to get my stuff. Then it came and it was the wrong thing again. I wasn't going to wait another week. Unfortunately, they haven't gotten any of my business since. I've ordered everything from Mosaic Art Supply and Wits End.

I thought it was so nice that Wits End sent free samples, but I confess, it makes me want to not ask for samples. (See how programmed we are to not expect something for nothing? LOL) Plus, they are almost twice as expensive as Mosaic Art Supply. But I was so impressed by the freebies that when I make the sea serpent, I'm going to be sure to get at least some of my tile from them.

And, if you think they're a small enough operation where they could use their bags back, I will go ahead and put them in an envelope. That's the one thing about the internet: You don't always know if you're ordering from a big warehouse operation or a guy who has a side business in his garage. You know?

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Another supplier I've used in the past for REAL cheap vitreous tile sheets is Mosaictileart.com. His sheets are super cheap, and he has them on special often. Only thing about them, though, is they're not the Italian tiles - I think they're Chinese, and they don't nip as nicely as the Italian ones. Cutting them in half or in to little strips is easy, but on the diagonal and into circles/shapes - not so much.

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Wits end mosaics is owned by Kim Wozniak, she is a popular mosaic artist, and lots of people buy there-Its not exactly a mom and pop place. She just understands us I guess

Here is a link that might be useful: Kim Wozniak

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thanks for all the hints on where to shop!

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Thanks for the link, Wacky. And the caution, Slow. I have heard that not all vitreous tiles are the same. So far, I haven't made anything out of the tiles I've ordered from either shop. My mushrooms have been made out of tiles I bought at Lowes, so I don't know what I've been using!

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