ahhh i love to trash pick lol

mojojojogrlnjJune 11, 2007

today my curbside shopping got me a beautiful 2 foot vase...2 gorgeous end tables....4... 5 foot victorian shutters...and a little magazine rack....its funny as soon as i see stuff i already have it painted lol...(I would love to do everything in barnyard red but I cant lol...)i will get some pics...its amazing what some people toss...

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I wish people around here would throw stuff away like you're able to find! The stuff I see is broken beyond repair or I just don't have a quick enough imagination. I also don't have a lot of room to put things. We downsized our home considerably when we moved to Florida. No basement, the garage is Hubby's. So, whatever I bring home has to go inside the house somewhere.

You lucky girl!

Debbie in Florida

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I have to get up early lol...there are tons of people who go around this town...I dont get lucky like this all the time...sometimes i find trash so to speak lol...and sigh Im running out of room...i will probably grab some of my things and run to a flea market out in de to sell some of it....(i dont want to lol) but I think im becoming a pack rat!

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I love the color Barn Red...and I cannot find it now! I painted our shutters and a door that color several years ago...surprised that even our Home Depot doesn't have it...they tried matching it with a color I chose from their color chart...Nope, too pink...then to a paint store...I chose a darker color...Nope, it's too pinkish on the shutters...(I painted a small area) Walmart came closest to the color, but still, has a pinkish look...Now, what am I going to do with 2 gallons and a quart of outside pinkish-red paint??..ha
Good finds Mojo! and Debbie, I enjoyed looking at your web site.

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ahh I got my barnyard red at the oops paint in homedepot ...let me see if i can get the code for you...this color is perfect no pink tinge...

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That is so true about the Barn Red paints! My spare room is this pinky mauve color-- very pretty (it was that color when I bought the house). And the name on the tin is... "Barn Red."

What in the heck kind of farmer would have a mauvy-pink barn, I cannot tell you-- But you can be sure the other farmers would keep their distance. :-)

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Your mauvy-pink barn reminds of my FIL. When they moved from town to farm in the mid-50's there was only a tacky "pole" barn (aka shed) As soon as possible, they built a decent barn. Since my FIL was a scavenger, you never knew what he'd drag home. Well, someone had dumped gallons of red & gallons of white paint in a spot along the road used for a dump site. Mixed together, there was enough for the barn. And they had the only pink barn in the countryside! My FIL had a great sense of humor!

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