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nutsaboutplantsJuly 31, 2014

I've chosen Eddie Bauer Flax paint for the walls. a neutral, sandy taupe with no undertones and consistent in different lighting. The walls will be painted flat.
The trim will be high gloss, but not sure if I should go with pure white or a creamy off white. Any suggestions? In the current home, the ceilings are the same color as the walls, but I want white or light ceilings in the new house. So Should I have ceilings painted the same color as the trim? Or a lighter shade of the walls? The ceilings are 12' and 13' high and there is sufficient natural light.

Please help. I need to confirm the paint color form the painter by tomorrow. Thank you!

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You don't necessarily need white trim. I have medium tan walls and the trim/doors are 2 shades darker. I 've had many compliments since it's a step outside the box and unique. My style is traditional/French country. I don't think you would be sorry.

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I feel very confident telling you to not paint the ceilings white, but a lighter shade of the wall color...even a much lighter, almost white complementary shade, but not white because your mouldings will not stand out. You can even paint ceilings the same color and they will not look identical to the walls. But I remember, you have that now. It's lighting magic, but works nicely. As for the trim, an off white, such as Swiss Coffee, will be a softer effect, while pure white will give a sharper,very bright contrast, which can be more modern, vs. traditional.. Ditto with high gloss vs.gloss. Good luck!

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With high ceilings, you can easily put color on them if you like. I had white ceilings and when we did our white cabinets and repainted the trim a brighter white, I painted a pale shade of the wall color on the ceiling so there was a little contrast that helped show off the trim (crown in particular). Depending on the time of day and lighting, they can look creamy pale beige, nearly white or even not noticeably off-white. The ceiling in the kitchen is 10 feet, but it vaults to 14 feet in the breakfast room and family room.

Do you have crown or just door and window trim? If no crown, it's six of one ad half a dozen of the other. If you do have crown and do white trim, I'd probably go at least a bit off white on the ceiling. If you go with a creamier trim, I'd go white on the ceiling. Just so you see a little variation

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Sorry, this does not relate to color, but I feel strongly that you should use eggshell or 'velvet' instead of flat. And for goodness sake, don't use high gloss on trim! Use satin instead. You'll be much happier with the outcome.

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^what tomatofreak said! Not flat! I don't know what I've been using for trim (don't have any on hand at the moment), but it' some paint by SW that is for trim. It's made to level itself nicely, and the results are great. I'd look for a trim paint, or one that mentions self-leveling, for the trim.

I'm horrible with colors, so I'll not comment on that part. There are many people that can help with that that actually know what they are talking about!

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As you can see, you will get varying opinions on what or what not to do. I did the exact opposite of what tomatofreak says not to do and am very pleased with the outcome. In previous apartments, I did eggshell on the walls. It was fine. We bought our first home last year and I went to a 'respected' colorist to get some assistance. We used BM Aura Matte on all walls except the kitchen. Love it. Wipeable (we have two little ones) and the effect is beautiful. For trim and doors I wanted high gloss. It is actually not as glossy as I expected but I like the look. We used BM Advance high gloss in Chantilly Lace (white, not off white). I wanted contrast and got it. For ceilings I was all prepared to do shades lighter/different ceiling colors in each room/make things complicated, etc. He said to go with BM flat ceiling white. That's it. No more. So, there you have it.

I know you want someone to tell you what to do, but good or bad there are so many ways to approach paint colors. Do you want high contrast - go with white. And go glossy if that is what you want!

ETA: If this didn't come across the first time, I wanted to add that everyone's idea of the perfect white or perfect trim is going to be different. At the end of the day, you have to live with it. I am sure there are other 'respected' colorists that hate high gloss trim and love different color ceilings. I decided I had to trust my instincts and go with what seemed good at the time. Hasn't always worked out for me re: paint, but as they say, it's only paint!

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Thanks guys! Some answers: I wentt SW today and their pure white actually has a tint of brown in the formula which helped mu decision to go with it. Second, I decided I do want high gloss for the trim. Yes the house has crown molding, very thick and beautiful all through the house even the bathrooms, utility room etc. So any contrast or the lack of it with the ceiling will make a difference. The painter is here right now and I'm asking him to do pure white and half wall color in different spots for comparison. Thanks for all the input. Will update soon with the final decision and pictures of the home. I'm going to be coming back for all kinds of advice. Thanks!

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After suffering through what my neighbors did on the advice of their 'colorist' (don't know what degree of 'respect'), I'd never ask one to make decisions on paint color for me! The neighbors are architect (she) and builder (him). They painted their house and *huge* garage barn red. Not so bad, I thought; I like red. Then they bought the house next door. Couldn't decide on color so brought the colorist in. It is mustard yellow with bright blue trim. So garish you can see it in the dark. Yuck. I go with my instincts and what is pleasing to me.

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Thanks everyone! The house is being painted as we speak. Flax on all walls, flat except for kitchen and closets. Kitchen and closets will be Flax in satin. High gloss pure white for the trims, crown, etc. I learnt that SW pure white, comtrary to its name, has a tint of Raw Amber, which is SW's brown. The ceilings will be 75% Flax and 25% white. Will post before and after soon. Thanks for the feedback.

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Good luck! Hope you like it. Post pics when done!

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Holly- Kay

I love Eddie Bauer Flax. It really is a great neutral with no undertones that I could see in any light.

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Thanks mamorella. Holly, yes, it seems true and consistent in all different lighting and times of day. The painters are all there, about 7 of them. The first coat on the ceilings is done (75% flax and 25% white). Looks good so far. As this is a large crew, they hope to be done in about 7 or 8 days. Will post before and after. Then the floor guys come to refinish all the wood floors. About August 20, the house should be ready to move in. Now, if only I can get my DH to pick up pace in decluttering and sorting, I'll be in good shape for August 20th. Thanks everyone.

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