undermount, tile-in, apron-front, with faucet holes?

Fori is not pleasedMay 10, 2014

So I think I want an apron-front sink in my tile counter. I'll need the faucet deck with holes. All I'm seeing for this type of installation in Kohler's "tile-in" sinks where the sink is flush with the counter instead of undermounted. Can they be installed either way? Are there others? I really like having the faucet deck undermounted. That's the cool thing about tile...and Corian...

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Model number? Link?

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Fori is not pleased

Sorry...here ya go.

That's Kohler's "Dickinson" tile-in model. I'd like the tile to hang over the edges of the sink, like used to be common. Maybe it's not undermountable because it's got the apron front?

(On a similar topic, can one really not undermount stainless steel sinks with tile?)

Here's another:

Here is a link that might be useful: Kohler example

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Fori is not pleased

I should add that Kohler depicts all their tile-in sinks (not just the apron fronts) flush instead of lower than the tile surface. I guess maybe I'm behind the times.

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Sophie Wheeler

Its done that way because trim pieces are almost non existant from many tile companies. Even in white or black, V-cap is a special order. Anything else more complex just doesn't exist, or does't exist in the color you want it to be in.

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Fori is not pleased

Thanks. I have noticed the selection really drops when you mention sinks! Could these sinks be installed the old-fashioned way, assuming one were to use a tile line that has the trim? (We've been looking at a company that does do all the oddball trim pieces.)

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Hi Fori,

My sink has flanges. One of the last sinks made to be tiled in. :)

Talk to your tile setter. The big issue is how to support the sink, not whether it can be made to look the way you wish. It might need to have supports built, or the tilesetter might be able to use the regular mounting brackets with your substrate. There's also the question of whether you'll have a proper mortar bed (best quality, most bother, mess and skill), or if it'll be some kind of baking board, and how that works with the sink. Your tile setter will know. You need a master tile setter. This isn't a good DIY project.

So long as you have quarter round, however, you can overlap the edges of the sink the same way you would if it were undermounted. The actual mounting system is different, but it's the same look.

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Fori is not pleased

Thanks Pll....but I don't have a tile setter yet. I don't have a GC yet. We're trying to get quotes and everything depends on everything else. Like if I can get a sink installed in tile the way I want, it'll be tile. If not, something else.

But apparently I don't know much about installing sinks. :/

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So, call around and see if you can find a good tile setter to get a consult. I used my own master tile setter for my kitchen. You're probably not doing anything so over the top, but if your GC's guys don't do a lot of kitchen counters, don't let them. It's not exactly the same as a shower. So get a tile setter now. He (most likely, but possibly she) will know more than the GC anyway.

For the moment, why not try the John Bridge forum, and perhaps contact someone from there, or see if you can find Bill.

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