Range Hood WIP

christi508April 19, 2009

I painted with Folk Art Enamels on 20 cent white tiles from Home Depot, then cut shapes. I am thinking of covering the whole ugly thing with flowers (I hope they look like flowers) and then interspersing with a black and white patterned china I have...or maybe not. This is preliminary, they are only sticking because of the grease. Thanks for looking.

Here is a link that might be useful: pics

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I think its very cheery looking and colorful! It seems to match your kitchen perfectly. Sounds like a good plan.
Id probly clean the grease first, LOL too funny.

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I'm loving this already and you've just begun. I think it is going to accent you kitchen very well.


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Geesh - that's very creative, and w/SOOOOOOOOOOOO match the decor in your cheery kitchen. Great idea. Did you cut those shapes out w/nippers or a saw? Was that bake-on enamels for porcelain/glass?

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I used nippers and the bake on enamel from Folk Art. It is real easy to use and seems to work well. There are other brands that are more expensive but.....I am off work today so I am going to try to get some more finished.

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I like this a lot, Christi! REally a lot!

One suggestion...being married to someone anal about symmetry...I'd move that big beautiful yellow flower more to the center, then make another red one of similar size to the red one you have, to put to the left of the yellow one, then fill out the sides with the cute small ones. That way it doesn't look to "heavy" to one side. That is if you still have enough grease on there to reposition things! LOL

Looks great though!

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I am so inspired! I have the uglies non working venthood on the planet.
Great job.

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