Took a break to have my baby :) now back to my backsplash

pseudochefMay 21, 2013

The new baby was too excited to wait until the kitchen was finished :) I went into labor on Mother's Day and had her the next day! A week and half before I was expecting her to arrive but healthy and happy.

While I was busy with the baby last week they put in our granite counters, which we love! And finished painting most everything in the room (there's still some touch up to be done once the cabinets are all finished). Anyway, my kitchen guy brought over some tile samples for me to look at for my backsplash. Previously people had suggested some beautiful tiles from Walker Zanger, Pratt and Larson, and other nice places. Because I still can't get out to really shop I'd like some advice.

I love the subway tiles and he's suggesting a matte (as opposed to their glossy) Rittenhouse Square smaller subway tile in urban putty. He had suggested a glass mosaic over the cooktop with a small border around it but I'm not a huge fan of the small glass square tiles and my husband doesn't care for them either. I'm leaning towards doing something like this over the cooktop..

Traditional Kitchen by Oak Park Kitchen And Bath Fixtures Diskin Designs

I really like the herringbone pattern and think it would be classic and something I wouldn't get tired of. But on the other hand is it too boring? Now that you see all the colors and elements together any suggestions for over the cooktop?


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Here's a shot of the cooktop wall. It's opposite the entrance to the kitchen from the outside so it's highly visible.

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Congrats on the baby- pictures please! I love your classic choices and the urban putty color is a nice change from white or off white. Our tastes are similar as I love herringbone and I like feature tiles over the range, too.

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Congratulations! I was hoping for a pic of her so we can oohh and aahhh over her. You certainly have your hands full with trying to finish the kitchen and take care of a newborn! Bless you!

As far as your tile, I'm a huge fan of the herringbone pattern. Are you going to do a shelf over the range like your inspiration pic? I like the herringbone better in an inset shelf over the range (like your pic) rather than a flat framed installation. But that's just me. The urban putty looks quite pink on my monitor. With your wall colors and your counter, I would look for a cooler beige or even light grey. I do like the matte tiles. And your cabs are beautiful!

Please, please post a pic of your beautiful baby!!! (Am I begging too much?) And please make sure you try to rest at least a little when she naps (unless you have other little ones running around).

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Congratulations on your new baby.

I think this design'd be great, and I'm always warning about getting too trendy with special features. A tiled niche over the stove is classic, though. Attractive and too functional to have gone out of style. If you ever felt it was too plain, you could play around with what you set in the recess.

Glossy, matt? What does your space need? It's about that a lot more than which appeals more while staring at a tile. Since your other surfaces are pretty quiet, I'm guessing the gloss in the picture posted might add a little liveliness. OTOH, matte might add a nice contrast too?

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Well, I wonder if the colors are off on my camera. Because I definitely see what y'all mean about the beige tile looking a little pink in the picture. It doesn't read that way in real life though. So looking at this picture, would more of a gray be better or a beige. As you can see from an earlier picture the walls are a very light green and the lower paneling is a blue. I can play with the shade of the beige or gray once we choose which way to go.

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And here's a picture of my new baby. I was hoping to have one of her in her new bathtub...I mean sink. But it isn't installed yet. As she's #5 I don't want to piddle around with this backsplash decision too long. More important things to feed my kids.

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Congratulations on your beautiful baby! She looks so content. Lots of good wishes to you and your lovely family.

Oh yeah, your kitchen is lovely too, it just can't hold a candle to that new little one . . . ;)

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Such a beautiful baby! Congratulations! How can you do a kitchen reno with 4 children and a newborn?! I'm going to think of you when I feel like whining about ours! I have nothing to whine about!

I love the herringbone inset, the grayish tile looks best on my screen but I'm sure it's different in person.

Good luck with your precious baby and your new kitchen!

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Congratulations on the beautiful baby! I like your herringbone choice. It's hard to tell which color looks best from the photo--take a look at it in all lights--daylight, overhead lights, etc and you will probably know which one you like better.

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What a sweet little peanut! Congrats! I have no kitchen advice but had been following your pre-baby backsplash thread. :)

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Holly- Kay

Congrats on your sweet little girl! Happy days ahead.

I love your granite. No opinions on your tile as I am in severe decision overload!

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Another vote for the inset herringbone stove backplash; it looks perfect. The new kitchen is lovely. And congrats on your new beautiful daughter.

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You do have your hands full! She is beautiful and you're right--you need to get back to your kids and not fiddle with the backsplash :) This decision could take years if you let it....make a decision and move on. Your cabs are gorgeous and your colors are lovely--I've always liked the herringbone as a classic pattern.

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Awww, she's so cute! And so tiny! Thanks so much for posting her pic!

I really like the tile on the right (grey tone one). I think it really picks up the darker grey/black/maybe blue? tones in your granite rather than emphasizing the pinker tones. Of course, you can see the true colors better than our screens. Your kitchen is going to be beautiful!

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