Zebra Horse...where is it???

grandmathymeJune 28, 2009

Last night, thumbing through the posts here, I came upon a thread where somebody had painted one of those plastic kiddy horses on springs and made it look like a zebra. She also made a beautiful one with the horse painted black and had sunflowers on it.

I wondered if I would ever be able to find one of those horses and AMAZINGLY this morning, I found and purchased one at a yard sale for THREE DOLLARS!!! WOO HOO!

I've searched for zebra horse, carousel horse and just about anything else I can think of, I can't find it again. If anybody can show me where to find it' I'd be DEE--LIGHTED! Thank you very much!

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I swear! I searched for hours trying to find the zebra horse picture and just seconds after I started this discussion I found the thread I was looking for! Please ignore this request!

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Could you post a link to the site you found?


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Here is link:

Here is a link that might be useful: Zebra horse

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I had one of those spring bouncing horses when I was little. Wish I still had it for our grandson.

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I love it. I'm wondering if that was special paint for plastic. If I had that piece - I'd certainly want it forever ... paint cracking would devistate me !

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Hi, the 'zebra horse' is a project of mine. I painted it with whatever I could find in the workshop. There was black & white Tremclad Paint and different brand names of acrylic leftovers from other projects. After I coated it with some spray varnish.

But as you can see, I haven't put it out in the garden as of yet. I figure that I just might be responsible if my neighbours got apoplexy. Some of them just don't appreciate my 'inventive art' ~~ lol.

I'm thrilled that so many posters have written me with their questions about my horses. Everybody needs a zebra horse, or sunflower horse, or whatever you can dream up kind of horse in their garden!

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I absolutely LOVE the sunflowers on the black horse. I couldn't find wallpaper and have been looking for other sources of sunflowers I could use. I thought of napkins, wrapping paper or fabric, but just couldn't find any that were JUST right...until yesterday. I bought a nice sunflower fabric at WalMart and will starch it before cutting out the flowers so they don't fray before I get them attached and sealed to my horse.

Once I saw this sunflower horse, I just couldn't imagine any other flower on the horse than sunflowers! I hope to get at this project soon and I'll post pics of my copy of your beautiful project justlinda when I'm done! Thanks for the inspiration!

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