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craftylady-2006June 23, 2008

Please see my post in the Garden Junk forum about this place I came across which had a "Dragon" in the backyard made out of rocks/stones, beautiful decorative glass, etc.


Here is a link that might be useful: Photobucket

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Hi Sal,
That has got to be one of the greatest places to go I would love to see it.
I read that you were going to Deerfield,Is that Deerfield Mass. I am a Yankee candle dealer and would love to go to Deerfield to see the company. I hear they have a winter wonderland with a sleigh and real snow.

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Yes it is Deefield, MA Rochelle. The Yankee Candle Factory is just down the road from the craft fair I went to. It is their "Flagship Store." I have been there and it truly is a great store. It smells incredible in there. They have rooms/areas decorated in different themes, Christmas, Halloween, etc. with all the candles and their accessories for that holiday displayed in it. Christmas, Halloween, etc. music plays, really puts you in the "buying" mood.

You made me giggle when you wrote "real snow." When it comes down in the NE here, it is definitely real and cold and now that I've gotten to the age where I sometimes despise winter, I'll be the first to say that the first snowfall is always the prettiest. If you ever make it this way, send me an email through My Page (put Garden Web Trash to Treasure in the subject line, otherwise I think it's junk/spam and delete it without opening it), I'd be happy to meet you and go to the candle factory or a craft fair. You can check out the "Old Deerfield Christmas Sampler" online by typing just that into your web browser line. They put on several types of craft shows a year, the Spring Sampler, Summer Sampler, Fall and Christmas Samplers. The vendors are professional, it's not like a church or school craft fair. You'll find them all when you go to the site.


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Wow what a great place. Boy wouldn't I love to get into that store. Katy bar the love places like that...

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