how do i use mesh and grid system for 3/8' tile?

peggy_wayApril 25, 2009

The tower on my painted lady will be coral 3/8" glass tile. It's very tiny stuff and I didn't think I could get in on straight by hand. I thought the grid system I ordered would tell me how to use it...wrong! I get that it's plastic so weldbond wont stick to it BUT i'm using thinset on the advise of two mosaic experts I know. :) My first instinct with the grid was to lay out strips (since I want to stagger the tile lines like a brick pattern) and stick that plastic sheet stuff (the kind you use for indirect mosaic stepping stones) on them to pick them up and attach them to the thin set then pull sticky sheet off next day. But what about buttering each tile (which I have been doing all along). Is that even necessary? Do I need to do something with mosaic mesh in this process? I couldn't find any instructions on line so if you all could direct me to something I could read that would be great too! Tell me quick before I do something stupid

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I dont see why you would need to butter each tile if you are stting it into thinset, seems like over kill and too much to smoosh up between tiles to me. Ive never used mesh but that seems like an extra step for this too.

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If I were in your project, I'd draw the grid onto the tower, then I'd use GEII on that section. Squeeze out a small amount of clear silicone on a plate, take a small palette knife and butter a small section of the tower, then apply the tiles w/tweezers. This w/let you see the grid as well as keeping your hands off the silicon, causing less mess and clean up. I seldom use GEII, but in your case, I think it w/be easier w/less mess.

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I was just thinking too-didnt you say that was pvc pipe? That seems like a pretty slick surface for thinset to stick to. I like silicone myself, I love the way stuff just sticks, and I use it all the time. Slow's idea sounds like a winner.

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