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ashliJune 19, 2004

I have a 6 pane old window...I want to know if there is any type of paints that will make the window's glass look like a mirror?

I tried a few suggestions on some old glass that I had...first sprayed the glass silver and then black...

didn't work...then I sprayed another glass silver, let it dry, and then sprayed over the silver with copper color spray paint...no luck.

Any ideas?


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I am very interested in this also. I have several old windows and was wanting something different to do with them. One I hung on the side of my shed (it doesn't have any "real" windows. Put some blue canvas material on the back to look like curtains. I had some left over from making cushions for my rocking chairs on porch. Put a window box under it and planted ivy. Wanted to put another window on the other side but do something different.

Someone please post a pic if you have a project that looks like a mirror but was painted on. Everyone always has such good ideas on this forum. I just need alot more time to get all my projects done.

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Either Krylon or Rustoleum makes a spray paint now that is mirror-like. I haven't used it, but saw it mentioned on the Garden Junk sites.

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You could go to a home improvement store and get plastic that is mirrorized. I found a piece that fits my old window perfectly and doesn't add to the weight. Or ask a glass store how to get the mirror effect you want.

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Krylon does make a paint like this . . . but I've never tried it. Here's the link for more info.

Here is a link that might be useful: Krylon Looking Glass - Mirror Like Paint Kit

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I really wanted to try Krylon Looking Glass paint on my window...but no store has it here, not even Wal-Mart or Home Depot.
So I finally took it to a glass shop and they put mirror tiles in it...I've painted it gloss white...but haven't hung it up yet...looks good. I love mirrors, just don't like looking directly into one...ha
The mirror tiles cost $20.00...so nothing is "really free"
Someday, I hope to find another old window, and i'll keep looking for Krylon Looking Glass paint...

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Oh now I'm excited!
I have a BUNCH of old windows just waiting for ideas!
Mine's going to get a window box and silk flowers added to grace my entryway.

Thank you so much! Woooooooohooooooooooooo!!!

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I just called and priced a piece of mirror this morning. My size was 12 1/4 by 26 3/8 and will cost me less than $10. You may just want to check a glass and mirror business.

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What are some good sources for coming up with old wooden windows?

I want to make a few things out of them but haven't been able to find any.

I bought this one at a craft show, but thought I'd show you what the lady had done with some paint on the backside of the glass. Maybe you have seen these, maybe not.

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My hubby is always finding old windows setting out for trash pickup, and bringing them home for me to use for different projects. People are always remodeling putting in new energy saving windows. Tell your friends to keep an eye out for them You should be able to find some for free.

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Call some of the window replacement companies in your area and ask if you can have the old windows from their trash.

I just had all new windows put in my home and I asked the salesman what they did with windows they removed. They have huge dumpsters full of them behind the store. I asked if I could have some and he told me to call the installers and ask for them before they get trashed.

I've got a BUNCH of windows now!

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I have one as a shelf in my living room, as the door to a cabinet I made for over the toilet, hanging on my neighbors garage (doesn't know) and hanging on my deck... I want one with just the right size panes to hang my sons graduation pictures in..

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I turned mine into tables

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I paid $100.00 for a huge old mirror window frame 2 years ago at a antique shop. I repainted it and put it up on the wall above my oval bathtub in the master bathroom. It sure made the bathroom look alot bigger. It was a great selling point when we sold the house. Sure wish I could find another one like that.

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How did you like the look of the (seemingly enlarged) bathroom just when you were ready to climb into the tub?

Jes wonderin'.

ole joyful

P.S. Tried to resist - couldn't!

o j

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Heres a site for using old windows. Lots of ideas.

Here is a link that might be useful: uses for old wimdows

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I have many 8 pane windows and have hung them on the wall in our family room. I took pretty scrapbook paper and added photos of all our family and friends to them. Now I have everyone on our walls without all the clutter of hundreds of picture frames.

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cheri, the link for old windows is great.

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check into freecycle.com to see if one is in your area. I currently have a post for windows and old picture frames in my area.

Vangy is gettng inspired by everyone here. I'm trying to get the "goods" to make the easle/planter w/ an old picture frame posted somewhere in garden junk last year

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Looking Glass paint didn't work for me. The can ran out very quickly and all it did was fog the glass. Ruined my lovely old window.

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Hey techsupport8: Thanks a million for the idea, it took me a bit of courage to get up the nerve to call the window company in my town but when I did she was very nice about it! We talked for just a couple of minutes because it turns out that she is a crafts loving person too. She wondered why more people didn't call and ask because after all it's garbage! They did have some dumpsters that had recyclables in them and I wasn't allowed to dumpster dive into those but that was completely understandable. Now I too, have a bunch of glass to craft with.

Thanks again techsupport8!

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I use them for jewelry display. You can also paint a thin board with black board paint, put the board behind the open paynes--and you have a note board, very cute.

How can I post a picture as part of my message?? I tried copy and paste--doesn't work.

Here is a link that might be useful: see my photo necklaces

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Since I can't paint I use material in the panes. I modge podge. Some DH puts window boxes on...

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I also had bad luck with the Krylon looking glass paint- it just made the windows dark, no silvery reflection. I used the whole can, thinking that it took many coats, but nothing.

After scouring off that mistake, I painted (ivory) and crackled the wooden frame, took some "antique gold" paint and wrote "French Quarter" on the glass (I found an old-looking font, printed it out and traced the letters). I had a nice old piece of fancy linen, so I mounted that on the back and added an antique door handle. It looks like an old window from New Orleans.

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These old windows are very heavy, so if you hang them on the wall, be sure to use wire strong enough to support them and also nail into a stud or it can pull out of the plaster.

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Hello Ladies, the Mirrors are great, can anyone tell me if there is a gold paint that has the same mirrored affect as the looking glass paint. I want to make me some GOLD LOOKING GLASS DISHES. How BEAUTIFUL would that be for Christmas? I wonder who could I call and talk to about making that kind of paint? I am open to any and all suggestions. On the Looking Glass Paint go tot The Nate Berkus Show 3/28/11. Thanks

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