Newbie with some questions...

not_so_chey_galMay 23, 2006

Hello everyone, I am very excited & pleased to be a part of this group. I am amazed & inspired by some of the awesome GJ I've seen ya'll come up with. I've been a trash to treasure gal for a few years. Lucky for me, my aunt owns the local salvage yard and recycle shop, which is just down the street so I try to tap that resource as often as possible. One thing I am very interested in making are the outdoor planters that are made of childrens clothing. While browsing this site a few days ago I seen someone had a pic of some that they had made. Don't recall who..Any advice on how to go about doing this? Also can I still be a part of May's POTM? BTW what does DH stand for, is it Dumb Husband? THanks.

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DEAR husband not sure about the planters? did you search
owns the salvage yd. ouch that could get some of us in a lot trouble lol. Rick

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You know I never thought of Dear Husband, all along I was thinking man Dumb Husband seems really mean but what else could it stand for...? I'm so happy it's "dear" :)lol

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Go to
and enter 'Bluejean planters' in the search box

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The POTM's are usually over at the Garden Junk forum which is at the Garden Forums. I think you probably saw it over there.

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