flagtruckApril 26, 2009

Here's a few pics of my studio as I was doing the inside, some of the completed project and some of the windowsurrounds. I will do some more today, it is a mess, but that's the way it is supposed to be.

Here is a link that might be useful: Studio pics

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Wow, I'm speechless. Absolutely beautiful. You are so lucky to have such a nice, creative studio. I'm extremely jealous not only because of your studio but also about all the tess you have. How did you acquire such great stuff in a short amount of time? It must be hard to leave the studio at the end of the day.

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ss- I have acquired all of this over a period of years, a lot of it are plates, etc cut and nipped up. I don't leave it much, just to weed and work on my yard and sleep. lol

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WOW! That is the most organized studio I have ever seen. I hope you don't mind if I borrow some of your ideas for my studio. I need to get my space more organized to make it easier to work in there.


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OMG Flag, that is a gorgeous studio. I am absolutely green with envy. I would love to be able to work in a place like that instead of my little bedroom turned studio. You give me big dreams and hopes. Thanks so much for sharing.

Donna in Florida

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wow what a cool space!!!!!!! I share w/hubby...and he makes a mess and I make a mess and we seem to always be in each others way. We just finished building but we are already talking about expanding. I'm hoping to expand and have my own space. But that will be a couple of years down the road. I too have a large amount of tess. Finding a place for all of it has been difficult. I have to dig for what i need. I would love to be able to see it all as you do. Someday!!!!

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I loved seeing your studio, I love the colors you chose, they're so warm and inviting. You have a lot of shelves and a great organized space.

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Your studio has always been sensational. Did you reorganize? I get so jealous seeing those pics! So much to work with. So much inspiration! Wowwee!

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