My new water fountain made out of grandma's bathroom sink.

dbfirewifeMay 18, 2011

Hello... I had the sink out of my grandma's bathroom, before that her parents lived in the house. My husband made a cabinet for it, plumbed the hot water faucet into a pump, it runs constantly into the sink and drains into a bucket in the bottom of the cabinet.. It sounds and looks so neat! I am going to stain it to match the deck but just had to go ahead and share, I am just so excited about it!... Debbie

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What a neat idea. Thanks for sharing. I am currently trying to figure out how to make shadow boxes out of my mom's kitchen cabinet drawers so that I can display some of her antique pieces in them. I used her cabinet doors and had a foil and saran wrap dispensing cabinet built using her base boards and the doors. I love seeing ways to recycle items that normally get discarded.

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Debbie, that is really great! I had a sink like that one years ago but did not have the foresight to save it. Dumb..dumb..dumber.

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Looks great & sound is probably is probably very soothing. Love your view too, lots to look at. Mind telling me what you used on fence & bench,stain, paint? I've been having trouble finding a product that even goes on nicely. Yours looks great, hope you used something they are making now! Thanks, Jan

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Thank you everyone!... Jan.. I just got through with my deck and fence. I cleaned it first using Oxy Clean and some outdoor bleach on the stubborn areas. The stain/sealer is Deckscapes from Sherwin Williams. The color is called Cider Mill. It is an oil based product and I love how it went on. I brushed it on by hand, every square inch of it including the fence. I tried using a sprayer and it didn't spray out nice and even. It was honestly easier to brush then use the sprayer. It took me 9 gallons total for the whole job. I have some pictures of the deck, I'll post them here so you can see the bigger picture. I researched deck products for about a week and Deckscapes had good reviews is why I went with it. It is a semi-transparent stain to let the woodgrain show thru. After all that cleaning I did not want the wood to gray again, it will if you don't use a semi-transparent stain. I'll post the other pictures soon as I can find them..Debbie

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Here they are.. it qualifies as a trash to treasure.. the wood had mildewed and turned gray..

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Thanks, it is more reddish than orangish isn't it. It looks like what I have been looking for. I don't want barn door red but redwood red, just enough to make it look like redwood should. Thanks for telling me. Folks gate needs redoing soon too so will give it a try at my house 1st! Jan

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Love it!!! You have a nice way of decorating:) Enjoyed looking at your yard/deck! Thanks for sharing

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This is great!! I also have an old bathroom sink, very similar to the one in the picture; mine is pink. I also have plans to put it outside, but the only idea I've had is for a birdfeeder, which doesn't exactly thrill me. If there are any other suggestions out there, would love to hear them! TIF

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