Question for blue ceramics lovers

marti8aDecember 15, 2011

I pulled down a box of blue ceramic coat hooks that I bought when I was in junior high (so that gives you an idea how old they are). I remember spending ALL my allowance every week for months to buy these, and put them on my wall to hang hats and scarves. I have 12.

I haven't known what to do with them since I got married 36 years ago. My kitchen is going to be primarily blue and white, but as you can see, these hooks are more of a medium blue than my kitchen mugs.

They have a tiny little screw in them, but even turning some of them into sheetrock broke out the screw. I have no idea what to do with them, or how to set them into anything if I do think of a place for them. My first thought is to use them in the coat rack beside the refrigerator and just gluing them in with a super adhesive.

Any other ideas?

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Hi Marti. Could you post a picture of one of them?

Even if you have a small diameter screw hole, you could get a longer screw, like one which is a molybolt put into the sheetrock and then the screw threaded into it.

If the color is not to your liking, it is possible to refire in a kiln with another color.

Honey, I think it is wonderful that you were so focused at such a tender age to collect 12 of these. If you have a wooden pine old style shelf, which normally has pegs to hold coffee cups, you might find that you could mount these hooks to the shelf back board with a skinny bolt with a flat nut on the back, and then hang the shelf on the wall. Oh yeah, get a rubber washer for the ceramic hole, to keep the pressure off it. Like Neoprene.

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Oh duh, I thought I did.

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Marti, I bought drawer pulls and the screws pulled out as I was attaching them to the drawers. I think they are the ones with nuts on them not just screw in's. I used Epoxy to put them back together and it has been over 10 years heavy pulling and so far they are fine.

The screw is very small. Maybe if you could drill out some for a slightly larger screw.

The blue is very different but in another part of your kitchen would be fine. They are very pretty. I have different blues in my china cabinet together and it is fine.

Those are pretty hooks and mugs.

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Thanks Chris, I thought they would be fine on opposite sides of the kitchen. Do you remember what kind of epoxy you used? I'm thinking of putting the adhesive all along the back of the hook and gluing them to the wall. It will be permanent though, so if we move, they stay, and if one breaks, I've got a problem.

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No I am sorry I do not remember the brand of epoxy/. Just remember mixing it and had to hurry as I had many knobs to do.

If you were going to epoxy the whole hook to the wall/cabinet. I would consider adding them to their own backing so you can take them with you if you move. Course you could always to a mosaic around them on a board with the other blues and if you need some I will send you some blue to play with.

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