Are there any good T to T magazines ?

toomuchglassMay 30, 2009

The reason I asked is ..... I got a really cheap subscription (on special for 8 issues for $5 ) to Better Homes and Gardens Magazine. OMG ..... this is TOTALLY NOT ME. I hate seeing houses that are so perfect ... ugh !

Is there a magazine for us people that like to decorate on a shoestring and have a house that looks lived in ????

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Now there's an idea. Maybe we all should start one!
The trouble would be finding advertisers. They like to put their ads in publications that show how to use their products. I suppose we could talk the liquor people into it, lol. Or coffee!
Have you ever seen Ready Made? I used to enjoy it but they kept making remarks about how this isn't your mothers what ever and other kind of ageist stuff and I just got sick of it. Too bad cuz a lot of the articles are very good. How to re use, make chairs out of pallets for example. I wrote them a letter explaining that is why i didn't renew my subscription (I was nice about it) but I still get their on line newsletter. It occured to much later that they may have printed my letter which I actually didn't intend so I hope not.
Here is the link to their site.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ready made

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I was just thinking the same thing today while I was looking at WalMart's selection of magazines - probably 10 related to Scrapbooking and not a DARN ONE having to do with T to T!

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Yep - beading and scrapbooking . That's about all I see . The few craft magazines I look at have mostly "kids crafts" in them . We need a good T to T magazine !

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I love Country Living magazine. They often feature homes with mismatched second hand or antique furniture. They also have an interesting "steal this" feature where they tell you how the homeowner made something or what you could use to achieve the same look. A lot of the homes featured use curb finds, garage sale treasures and flea market pieces.

Another favorite is Do It Yourself. They have some great ideas for repurposing things and restyling furniture and home decor items.

But I think a lot of people will be happy to find Flea Market Style magazine when it starts publication. It is the brain child of Ki Nassauer who was half of the Junk Market Style book duo with Sue Whitney until they went their separate ways. Sue Whitney retained the Junk Market Style name and Ki Nassauer is creating a Junk Revolution. The magazine should be released in early spring 2010. You can keep tabs on it at her blog at the link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Junk Camp Blog

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I hang out on JR and it's a great place. Lots of good ideals and very nice ladies...

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