A white sink with stainless steel appliances?

downsouthJuly 7, 2010

We have bought stainless steel appliances for our retirement home. I want to move my white sink (which I love) from our current home. We are using laminate counter top that looks like granite, as granite is not in our budget. It has white/black/brown...looks really great. I think a white sink would look great with this granite look, but would it be okay with the stainless steel appliances?

Since this is more a decor question, I posted it here instead of on the kitchen forum.

What do you think?

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Tiffany Altieri

Dunno what anyone else would say, but I have an off-white (like ivory) porcelain sink with stainless steel appliances and I think it all looks very cohesive.

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It sounds fine and you say you love the sink so I don't see what the problem would be. I certainly would not do a SS sink with SS appliances as that could look too matchy and cold in a smaller kitchen.

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You've pretty much just described my kitchen.

Sort of hard to see it all here, but this picture probably shoes the sink and some of the appliances:

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I did a white (off-white) sink but notice how I have white (off-white) cabinets as does the photo above. Will the white sink connect to something in the room?

Also I remember when I was picking out the fixtures, I went with the oil rubbed bronze. I had some problem with going with SS or brushed SS for the fixtures with the white (off-white) sink. I forget the details. Maybe because counter was more brown than grey/black???

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Sailorgirl, what is that furry thing on the floor?

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cyn427 (zone 7)

Looks like maybe a couple of Newfs??

I think the white sinks in the pictures look great with the ss!

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Sailorgirl, what brand of cabinets do you have?

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cyn427 is right ... the furry things are my two Newfoundlands. Funny, I didn't even realize they were going to be in the picture, but this is the second time people have looked at that photo and wondered if maybe I just have oddly tall rugs.

Graywings, sorry I can't be of much help on the cabinets. They came with the house. I don't think they are a super high-end brand (the house was mostly used as a summer residence before we bought it) because the joinerwork isn't fantastic, but I have to say they are holding up really well. We think they were probably installed in 1991 when previous owners did a pretty big remodel. They are in need of a new paint job now, but other than that they work pretty well. I've not found any kind of sticker or plate identifying the manufacturer.

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oddly tall rugs

Does look like that, lol. Now I need to Google Newfoundlands.

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cyn427 (zone 7)

Love your kitchen AND the dogs-had one when I was a kid! They are the best!!...and not unlike rugs (soft, thick coat, nice to lie against, don't move around a lot...)-teehee.

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I have used the same model/brand of white porcelain sink (Kohler) in the last 4 houses. I love it! The granite salesman tried to talk me into his stainless steel sink to match my appliances. He said I would regret using the white sink. Having never had the stainless steel, I was a little apprehensive, but stuck to my guns. I am happy with my decision. The sink matched my trim. :)

I also mixed the stainless steel with ORB light fixtures and door hardware, along with a satin finish chrome faucet and cabinet hardware. Somehow, it all came together. My granite has flecks of white. :)

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Absolutely as you've seen above. I miss my heavy white porcelain sink. And they are easy to clean too, as you well know.

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I agree about the cleaning. A little dry Comet will take out scratches and those black pot marks.

My daughter fell for the stainless steel pitch, when she changed from laminate to granite. She loved her white porcelain sink. Even asked my opinion. They still have white appliances, but are going to gradually change them to stainless. I told her to keep her sink. they switched to stainless and she is complaining that the sink is too small. it is deep, though. What I saw, was all kinds of scratches on the bottom. I was surprised since the sink is only a couple of months old. Anyway to get those out?

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The scratches on stainless are often referred to as patina.

I have a white fireclay sink, but only rarely use Barkeeper's Friend to clean it. I reach for the baking soda most of the time.

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Our sink, as you saw in the photos, is a white cast iron Kohler model. I don't know how old it is because it came with the house, but that baby is definitely showing its age. It is stained on the bottom (hubby has a bad habit of dumping the coffee pot and then not rinsing the sink) and while Comet or bleach spray gets it clean there's still discoloration. It's also really scratched up on the bottom and the dirt settles in the scratches. If and when we get new counters I'll be getting an undermount stainless sink.

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Sounds more like hairline cracks. Mine has never scratched - to the eye. I can only see the black marks when a pan scrapes the sink. Have you tried applying straight Clorox to the bottom and letting it set for awhile? I know this gets the yellowing out of white appliances.

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