anyone paint plastic deck chairs?

shirleyannMay 18, 2005

Hi Everyone,

This forum is so interesting! I love hearing what you are doing and often wish you could come by my place as we are cleaning out for the move to a retirement community in the future! Hubby sets things at the curb and they disappear! Good!

Have you ever painted plastic chairs? I have dark green ones that are nice and solid but getting a whitish cast to them. What can you tell me? I'd really like to keep them.

Would appreciate your advice and experiences and even kinds of paint....

Thanks so much!


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I've had great results painting the outdoor palstic furniture with Krylon Fusion Paints. I clean the pieces real good with a bit of laundry soap and bleach in a lot water, rinse well and dry (Very important they are completely dry). Then just apply spray paint in light coats till it is covered. I painted one set last spring and it has held up well to sun, heat, humidity, wear and tear (almost to the abuse stage), a lot of rain, and kids.

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This is gonna sound really weird, but I put sunblock on my green deck chairs and the whitish case went away . . . .

How did I think of this? I noticed I never got the whitish cast on the arms of my chairs where my always sunscreened arms rest. . . .

Can't hurt to try.

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I have two plastic green anarondack style chairs I am going to paint with the Fusion paint.. I am using pink and white and planning a gingham look for the back..then I am going to add some hand painted flowers to the upper back.. they look great in my mind ... hope the same is true afer the paint starts spraying :)


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I painted my Adirondaks and they look great- took a few coats, though.

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I've used the Fusion paint on plastic Adirondack chairs, but I primed first. Some parts of the chairs started to peel after a few days. What did I do wrong?

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Chairs clean and grease/soap residue free?
Chairs absolutly dry?

What kind of primer? Krylon Fusion should be used ONLY with Krylon primer. I didn't use any primer on mine and they painted fine and are still holding.

Let dry overnight between coats? Even tho it dries fast, in order for each coat to stick it must (cure) dry to the plastic so the next coat will hold to it. If the primer or first coat isn't cured it will peel.

So many reasons. It is very important to read the entire instructions on paints because a lot of differences from one brand to the next will affect you finished product.

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Hi - Haven't painted deck chairs, but have painted lots of other stuff by priming first with Zinsser Bullseye 1-2-3 and then painting. The advantage with priming is that you can use other kinds of paint (I like the American Traditions from Rustoleum) and do some kind of fancy pattern if you like. I usually finish with a coat of acrylic sealer.
Good luck!

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This spring, I've spray-painted EVERYTHING I could find in my backyard! (The cats had to run to keep from being painted.) For some chairs, I used Fusion (no primer) and for others, as well as flower pots and tables, I used plastic primer (available at Wal-Mart as well as Lowe's, etc.), then sprayed with regular spray paint. Everything's holding up well!

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hi, yeah like they said.
no I painted my green chairs like you have and if i have to again, heres what i did and any mistakes i made oh yeah i painted the white ones too.
I cleaned them real good , really like that powdered laundry soap idea .
I would use a pc. of steel wool or light sandpaper to scuff up a little comet may also work .
I just put 2 white ones and 2 green ones out in the yard and sprayed them waiting a fw. hrs between coat,t I like the over night idea better .
mine were just beat up and dirty and overpainte mostly from me using them for saw horses when I painted other things go figure!!
it will take a lot of paint I think the secret was just paint the front side one can for two chairs the white was not as perfect match as the green was it was very close and most people at the bbq that I did this for thought they were new . the paint is 3 and a new chair is 5,6 so i had a little problem spending the money .
I have never tha tfusion primer , i have a resin/plastic headboard for a bench should i use the primer first , paint one side Rick

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I used the new Fusion paint for plastics last year on a white resin chaise that I got for $2 at a garage sale. I think it cost me about $16-20 for enough paint. That's the main problem with that paint, it takes several thin coats to do a good job and that means you will have several cans invested in the piece. So if you have a pretty nice heavy resin piece, then, it may be a great idea. But if you have the kind of chairs that only cost $6-9 at the drug store, then, you may be better off just buying new.

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The only problem i have buying new is you're limited in the colors you can get.Usually just white,green or beige.I want red ones and country blue ones.

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I have to see where you are at with the colored ones .
for the colors and the gingah ones i,d buy the paint
I was lucky I actually wanted the green ones green and the chairs were free i,m sure I hada knack for awhile at ending up with those darn things I mean like maybe a dozen or more .
kind of a shame because I make nice wood furn.
but I needed the green ones to tone things down a bit cause my house is pink and purple and was freshly painted along witha newly built deck that was stained and painted like 6 colors of browns and terra cotta so a pink chair was a bit much. but for the color do " life is short paint it pink" Rick

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It's me again....she who posted the question about painting the resin guys/gals are just great! I enjoyed each and every one of your messages and thank you for all the advice! There are two cans of Krylon sitting here waiting on my hubby! My chairs are dark green now and the paint is a dark green satin. The chairs are nice and I can find nothing like them in the stores. They have rather high backs (lattice in the center) and the back is adjustable which we like to lean back and relax! I will report on the outcome when it happens!
Rick....we remodeled one bathroom last year and I chose HOT Pink for the walls...and love it! But I do get teased about it! Which doesn't bother me at all! At age 67 I am so aware of how fast life is going....thanks again all of you and happy spray painting!

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The chairs are finished! Hubby washed them with the laundry soap and a touch of bleach....dried carefully. It took 3 coats and he used almost 2 cans of Krylon. He said the hardest part was telling where he sprayed because the greens matched so perfectly! He did not wait to cure them overnight and paint again. Followed instructions on can. They look so nice! We are very pleased!
Thanks again!
Happy painting to you!

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I have just used the Kylon Fusion and I am wiping off the color still. The chairs were white they are now Burgandy. It has been four days.

Any input would be great, I want to use these chairs this Saturday for a cookout.


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I have decided to go ahead and spray paint my 2 patio chairs with the fusion paint. They are a lattice resin with a tight weave. What's the best way to clean off the paint that's on there already? They have been blasted with the power washer but it needs more help to get the remainder off. When you say 'laundry soap'do you mean 'Tide'mixed with water and bleach?

Any help would help!! Thanks. Kay

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Post pictures please!

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Hmmm. I just washed mine with the hose and let them dry a couple days then painted with the fusion paint. Just the fronts, seat side, the backs look new. Another coat every few minutes like it says on the can. I decided to just let them sit in the garage for a few days to cure. Now I'm worried! Guess I'll wear my paint clothes when I test them. I'm planning to do the same with my green plastic lounge chairs if these 2 work. And I want to stencil with another color too.
I'll report back if the lazy way works!

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They seem fine.

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Krylon also sells Fusion primer which I think is clear in color. Once you've sprayed your plastic with Krylon plastic primer, you can use any other spray paint over it. I LOVE Rustoleum Painter's Touch Ultra Cover spray paint. On the front of the can it says 2 x coverage. I like it because it comes in lots of lucious colors both satin and gloss. I just bought a can of satin finish "aubergine". What a GREAT color! And, it's about 1/2 the cost of Krylon Fusion. It definitely does 2 times the coverage...a can of it seems to last forever.

I have had mixed luck with it over-wintering outside on plastic pots here in wet, cold, rainy Washington State, on the plastic pots I DIDN'T prime with Krylon plastic primer. Things I DID prime with Krylon primer did just fine, and are holding up well. Locally, Home Depot sells it for something like $3.25 per can, Joanne Fabrics sells some of the colors for $5+ per can. Lowes doesn't carry it.

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