Proposed home pictures/plans

maine.girlDecember 15, 2011

I was told how much everyone likes pics :)

Thought I would share since I finally figured out the photo hosting thing!

Floor plans are final minus cupboard design - so welcome any ideas on that front. Wish I had thought to post my floor plans as I was working through them but oh well.

The original original plans had a small kitchen with a 6 foot sliding door/eat-in area which I removed in favor of a big kitchen along the entire wall, so hoping that works out in the end. Will use BR#3 as dining if we decide we need it (hence the pocket doors). Breaking ground soon I hope, mortgage paperwork filed last week.

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WOW Nice. The only thing I see you might consider changing is the rod in your master closet. You will loose a lot of hanging space doing corner rods. Maybe run the rod the full length of the 8 foot 9 inch wall and put a shelf in the short corner. Would make perfect space for folded items. Sweaters jeans what ever. Or maybe a tall dresser against the shower wall. Maybe even a tall narrow shoe shelf on the wall right at the end of the open closet door.

Hot diggity that back lawn looks like it will be FUN to mow.

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Hadn't thought of that, but I did think it would be fun to sled on. lol mainegirl, is your backyard out the side? I guess it's too late to change anything, but if you have kids or garden in the back, the side entry might be a problem. It was for us.

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Yeah that master closet threw me! Your plan sounds perfect actually, I can visualize it. I meant to change it to a pocket door there to save on wall space from the opening door clearance but forgot. Oh well.

Our backyard is to the front and side, it's all brush in the back. That's part of the reason we nixed the 6 foot sliding doors - they didn't lead anywhere we wanted to go.... The master windows should overlook the slope into the woods. My goal with finding land was not being able to see or hear anyone and we pretty much achieved it :) I think when the time comes for a garage we will clear the trees/brush and make it connect to the back of the house. The driveway comes in on the side so that would work out.

I look forward to posting pics as we get farther in the process!

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LOL Main.girl,

The pocket door is a great idea.

I actually took the closet door off. At our house before this I took it off to make space in the room and when we had the door here I hated the stuffy feeling created with no air circulation. I have lace panels rather thick in the opening. Lets in air and you do not see a black hole. My husband was a little ticked as I wanted nicer doors in the house and then took one off within a month or two of moving in. It is a woman thing. Heheheheh

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I like the plans, and agree on the closet hanging. If to the very left you put shelving for folded clothes, shoes (14" deep) you will avoid that 'clothes in your face' feeling when you walk in. In the corner you hang along back wall, then put a spacer of about 10" to 12" in front (of that back hanging) and you will not lose space but allow the back to hang without obstruction and easy to get at. And if you have no long hang go with all double hang, you get more use out of a closet.

You will enjoy your space in that kitchen!

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Ah, that makes perfect sense then. I agree, that will be a great kitchen to work in, and I love the open design of it.

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Thinking on what Mary-ruth said. We once did a small closet set for double hang about 3/4 of the length. My husband built from regular water pipe a T or F and stopped the lower rail about 3/4 of the length across. This gave me room to hang the few long things we had. Was simple and cheep and strong to do. I spray painted it to look nice. That closet was only 6 foot long and reach in.

My husband said it is a whole lot more expensive. BUT we really love the vaulted ceilings in all the rooms. Makes them feel so much larger.

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