Salvaged yard swing

orcascoveMay 10, 2008

Hello everyone, My neighbor across the street set this out to the curb for trash pickup. I asked her if I could take it and now I need some help from all you wonderful people. As you can see the material on the cushions has rotted away from weather. The canopy top is also in bad shape. But the frame is perfect. I want to redo the cushions and top. What is the best kind of fabric/material to use for outdoors, and where can I find it?

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You will want to use an outdoor fabric such as Sunbrella. Many can be found at stores like Joanns and Hobby Lobby.
Good Luck.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sunbrella

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My hubby got an old swing as a throw in at an auction, it was nasty, but the frame was ok, so threw out cushions and riped off the top. I got new cushions at home depot and found an old lace curtian panel that I had laying around I just whip stitched the lace to the top and it looks so cool and inviting. It has been a favorit seat now for 3-4years. I need to replace the cushions again (Dog got it)
but the lace has really held up great.

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You can also buy pieces of outdoor fabric on Ebay too. But check out the feedback score before purchasing on Ebay!
I have bought fabric on there alot for quilts and home sewing and have been really satisfied. Just watch out that you don't pay too much when you add in the shipping!!!!!

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Sailcloth is sort of expensive, but it doesn't mildew, and it last a really long time. Second to that would be duck cloth.

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Wal Mart carries outdoor material. The end of the bold states that ii's outdoor material. And the price is around $2.75 a yard. Check differant stores they all stock differant material. The material for out doors is sometimes mixed in with Home Decor materials. good luck, have the same swing and need to replace the cushions and top!

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Ok great, We have Walmart, Hobby Lobby and Joann's here, so I will have a few places to check out and I'm sure I'll be able to find something, now that I know what to look for.. Thanks everyone!! I really appreciate the help!!!

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The best thing to do isif you are going to use JoAnn's is to get on Joann's sale flyer list. You can sign up in the store. Then you will get discount coupons in the mail. The other alternative is to buy their new catalog that they are hawking in their stores and use one of those coupons for your fabric.

You might also try contacting Walmart where the swing was sold to see if they sell replacement cushions on line. Consider the number of those swing out there their ought to be a place to get replacements.

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I have a swing set like that also and a couple years ago my cushions started ripping.At the time i didn't have a lot of extra money(still don' So i went to the DAV thrift store bought a king size sheet and made these pillow case type covers for the cushions,cost to make $2.65 cents.

I keep meaning to measure the cushions and buy replacement cushions at wal mart or somewhere.Now if i can just remember to do it.

But these have and stil do server the purpose,as this gets a lot of use.

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i have a swing like that i got mine at an auction. smae confition as yours and i also bought 2 matching chair cushions at same auction house before i bought the swing. i just used them for now and they work great. i have a top that i bought there too at a differnt time and am trying to fit it on the swing frame also. i saw one today when we went grocery shopping that had chaise cushions on it, but thought they looked too long for the seats. thanks and good luck with it.

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sorry this is a little late, but i just happened to switch over here, usually stay at GJ. another idea would be to use those big pretty beach towels. just sew three sides and close the other with some big buttons or some cotton cording that looks really beachy. you could do the same for the awning and add some of that old-fashioned ball fringe.that way you could just take them off and throw them in the machine to clean. just an idea! hope you come back and look soon! blessings-sherri

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I have the same swing with the same problem cushions, I bought outdoor material, from walmart, and took apart each seat, recovered and BIG mistake the material began to rip after sitting down. We had to reinforce from under the seat cushion. If I did it over again I'd leave the cushions as they are and just put something over them to cover up the destroyed material. My dogs chewed up the seat cushions too! must be something there they liked!

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There were some pics of one on GJ that someone had really fixed it up nice.

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A neighbor was discarding a wooden swing/metal frame in 2000. I brought it home and noticed it had 13 slats for the seat/back area and painted it like a flag. Well it lasted until this summer when the metal support on the seat rusted through. Another neighbor has a really nice swing/metal stand almost like those shown, but there are two separate seats (which also recline) with a "table" storage box between. I have been looking everywhere to purchase one (hers came from WM three years ago) but have been unable to find any at all.
any help out there?

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after stressing out for the last year after our dog turned our cushions to July Snow in the yard, I tried all kinds of plans, WM had the fabric but not the foam, the cushions there didn't fit well, couldn't find foam on line for less that $60 each, I came upon the idea of getting two chaise lounge (3 even sections) cushions, and centered one on the back and tucked the outside ends to a curve, and placed the other one on the seat centered. The extra length on next to the arms gave it just the comfyness it needed. I am so PLEASED- I did a little dance in the yard. My son thought I had lost my mind. Now I take them inside and can take my little catnaps once again...

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