Instuctions using metal or plastic pipe

joesyeMay 25, 2005

I'm trying to locate instructions for making a metal or plastic frame of a man, woman or child to dress up for my yard!! I've already done a pot lady who has a planted hat for hair!! I want to dress a frame up!! Most of the forms I've located aren't pratical for the outside weather!! Thanks

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I think that PVC pipe would work like a charm... it's easy to work with.. you can cut it by hand or with a little pipe cutting gizmo.. and it's easy to solvent weld together.


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When i made mine i used a couple coat hangers,a wig stand,and an old wooden chair.I painted the face on the wig stand with flesh color paint,made her face up,you know eye make up,lipstick etc.Dh bent the hangers together to form her shoulders.We put a dowel up into the head and attached the hanger to that.I padded the hanger with some pieces of quilt batting,so she looked like she had shoulders.Bought her a dress and hat at a garage sale,dressed her,gave her some hair,and put big earrings on her to match her dress.Sat her in the yard where she stayed for about 5 or 6 months until some A**H*** stole her.
Sent the directions to my sister in N.Y. and she also made one.She just sent me another pictures of hers last week,as she gave her new clothes this year.
I may make another when i come back from vacation.
There was a picture of mine on the garden junk forum,don't know if it's still there.

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hi ,
I like your idea with the chair ,easy.
I have been telling d.d that we will make scarecrow people for the black berry patch . maybe sun.
well I saw or thought or saw ???? the idea to just use a simple wood t a board upright with a pc. at arm height .
i practiced one last week is a 2x2 with a board across with 2 screws and I will lean this up on a fence .
but I just borrowed and idea about waist high i will put a hanger and hang my pants on then put a shirt on I have a wig mold thought of using make up and a floppy hat .
I think some variation on both these ideas would make a very good person I,m blessed witha lot of old clothes .
have an artist kid next door we talked about him drawing a face on a ply wood head siloette for a faceand head.
what I need is more a scarecrow but hey some nice clothes the right face whos to say . rick

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