Hide-a-bed chair? Is there such a thing?

xtreme_gardenerDecember 22, 2006

Has anyone ever come across a chair that pulls out into a single cot...like a sofa hide-a-bed would? I'm not even sure if there is such a thing (if there isn't, there really should be!). The space I have for it doesn't have room for a full sofa or even a love seat, but we could really use the extra bed. If you know any Canadian suppliers I'd be grateful. Thanks in advance :^)

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Their called "sleeper chairs" in the US. Below is a link to images. JC Penny had one I liked, was expensive and terribly uncomfortable. Recommend you try one in person, am sure there are a number of furniture stores in Canada which have them. Maybe someone from your area will chime in to help.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sleeper chairs

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When we were futon shopping, we saw some futon chairs that were interesting. They are exactly what they sound like -- chairs for a single person, that lay out into a single sized bed (to end up long enough, you usually had to pull up a footstool/ottoman that comes with the chair -- so you'd have to have space in your house for the footstool). Futons are always only as comfortable as their mattress, so the more you pay for the mattress, the more comfortable the bed ;)

Here is a link that might be useful: Futon Chairs

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Do you have room for an Aerobed? They are wonderful and are available in some of the smaller sizes. Try QVC.

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redcurls...I agree with your suggestion, the aerobeds are much more comfortable and affordable. I've had my share of time on them when visiting my grown kids and no problem sleeping ion one.

Sleeper sofas and chairs have those darn metal pieces which run across the center and make them very uncomfortable unless a thick mattress is added.

xtreme, you can get the aero beds at most big stores. They can be blown up with most vacumms, sometimes come with their own system.

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IKEA sells a chairbed called the LYCKSELE. It comes in twin and full (loveseat) sizes. Both my kids have them. With a thin memory foam topper they are extremely comfortable, even for adults.

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We just visited my BIL who has the LLBean model. It's comfortable for sitting and sleeping. The simple flop out to make a bed takes just seconds. We'll be getting one. Tom

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Thank you all for your responses! Sorry its taken me awhile to get back to you. I guess I got busy with the holidays and new year and forgot I had posted it!

I checked out all your suggestions, but I could only find sleeper sofas at the llbean site and no sleeper chairs. When I checked out the link it said it was not available but it still took me to llbean, so maybe they don't sell the chairs anymore?

I do have a mattress similar to an aerobed. I just don't find them all that comfortable, but they are great when you need a bed. Maybe the Aerobed brand is a better quality? I got ours at Canadian Tire and I didn't pay much for it.

The IKEA chair is closest to what I had in mind. Does the llbean model have arms or are they all armless like the IKEA model?

At least now I know there is such a thing! Thanks again.

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We discovered sleepchairs when my son was diagnosed with brain tumors 8 years ago. It could be the hospital environment, but I did not find them comfortable in the least. I would definitely go more towards an Aerobed-type instead.

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Here is a link to a Sleeper Chair which has a lot of options for fabric too. It is hard to know the quality and some of these just aren't that comfortable...as Ellen responded, primarily due to the metal frame mattresses for them a fairly thin.

And, yes the quality of an air bed can make a difference. The the one I spent a night on at my daughters was great. I wouldn't want to use it on a regular basis, but slept fine. When one came on sale at Linens and Things I got one and found it would work only for a night...took this back.

Your other option is a "futon" chair. They are making these with a lot more options and better designs. Some are even using memory foam now.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sleeper Chair

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Crate & Barrel has a slip covered chair and a half that pulls out into a bed called the Willow Chair.

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We have a sleeper chair that no one has slept on, but everyone prefers to sit on it as it is firm and so easy on bad backs.

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There are also ottomans which convert into beds. Great for small spaces. Search ottoman sleepers.

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With the items coming from JCPenney's, don't look for a quick delivery. Or even for any kind of customer service communication. I ordered three times from them. I wanted a very small swivel rocker pair, with one ottoman. Not expensive furniture. They gave me a nice delivery date. However, that date came and went with NO word from them. I called them, and they said it was being shipped the next week. Well, I got no notice of shipment. A month went by, no chairs came, and in the end it was 4 months before the chairs arrived. That was up in Massachusetts. Then I wanted a single swivel rocker very small down here in Alabama. Same story. Only this time I had the numbers from the manufacturer, and I called them direct to see what was the delay. Out of fabric!!! Finally got the chair. Then they had a really nice canvas covered metal gazebo for half price, it was supposed to be in stock in Mobile but in a suburban shopping center. I said I'd go get it. No, it was defective so they were sending another one in. It was all a bunch of disorganized mayhem, and it took them about 4 weeks to get my gazebo to the store where they said it would take a truck to pick it up. My friendly contractor was working in the area, and he picked it up. But no body had actually looked at the size of the box, because it would have fit into my SUV very easily.

Upshot is, I will never order anything from JCP, because they are next to incompetent and have no customer service.
Be careful if you plan to order anything from them, such as furniture. NOTHING seemed to be in stock or on hand. And to make a sale they'd tell you what you wanted to hear.

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