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refusedreusedMay 5, 2009

Refused Reused takes your unwanted broken furniture, makes the necessary repairs and then donates it to homeless shelters across the country. Have you ever thrown out a couch because it was old or had some ugly stains? Refused Reused collects the cushions from couches and sofas and after sterilizing the foam, allowing them to dry and adding new fabric, the cushions are then donated to animal shelters for dog and cat beds. Want to know more? Please visit

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wow, what a great idea.

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What a great idea. I drove by a motel the other day and they must have been remodeling. There was a dumpster full of funiture, looks like they broke most of it to fit or to discourage dumpster diving. What a wasteful shame.

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What a wonderful idea. Alot of the second hand stores will take things that are used - but perfect condition.
There's alot of life left in something that doesn't look perfect ! Thanks for your post !

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This is so neat-- how do we donate? I can't find that info on the site.

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Where is this organization located? I'd love to get involved!

A bit off-topic, but in our state, stores are required to smash things up that they're discarding. I find it amazing that, in this day and age of "green" that our state encourages the unnecessary destruction of useable things. I'm going to have to do a bit of research as to how we can stop this destruction and filling of landfills with perfectly useable items. I'll bet it's the result of somebody suing over getting something for free that was damaged and the store losing a lawsuit! Crazy, huh?

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In our area, stores destroy things that are thrown out to prevent someone else from selling them for profit. It's sad, but some will steal things out of dumpsters and sell them. Then there were those who'd return them to the store and try to collect a refund for the merchandise.

The grocery stores used to throw out food and old produce, too, rather than donate it and risk being sued for a case of food poisoning. One of my neighbors used to collect the stuff for her pigs. She literally had to go through the dumpsters: they wouldn't leave it in a box "out back" or anything like that.

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