Help me figure out what to do with this

KellyFGMay 21, 2005

I got this bundle of bamboo today for $2 at a GS...I'd like to use it outside & post on gardenjunk, but since we have a brittish colonial feel to our bedroom I thought I'd ask for interior advice too.

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I can't see your picture (weird computer) so I am not sure of the diameter of the bamboo, but I have a few thoughts.

Use it for curtain rods, by maybe adding it above your existing window coverings and draping with some luxurious fabric to create a swag.

Or if it is thinner, you could actually use it as moulding accents. I love when older homes have the mouldings on the walls (sort of like giant empty picture frames) and you could duplicate this look. Just remember to predrill!

Maybe you could use it as an accent on some of your more basic furniture? Perhaps a trunk?

and of course, you could always display it in some sort of vase... or get a flat sided vase/lamp and cut the bamboo to the height of it, and use epoxy to adhere it to the sides, all the way around so the pieces are touching vertically...
I dunno. Just some thoughts...

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You could cut it in about 1.5 ft lengths and hammer it (gently) into the ground around your flower beds for a "border".

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hi, long time since I posted just stacked like it is in a corner looks like something in a mag that a designer put there.
although not an original idea using it for wainscoting in a corner or back porch or sun room I have thought of this for my porch and just hot gluing to the wall and using a long pc for the top.
just hot gluing it to a pot side by side all the way around and a little taller than the rim .
by bundling it just like shown here but in say 4 in round sections with wire then a pc of raffia and then cut to size it would make great table legs . also if you glue up pcs of this with liquid nails it will never come apart and is as strong as anything I believe more than pine.
put two long uprights in ground say conduit about 3ft. apart and use wire and attach pcs horizontilaly and make a nice trellis in a hurry .
use a pc.plywood for the top and mastic or liquid nails and make a table top then use the other idea for the legs spray on some sealer , darn I want one of those .
gotta go Rick

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If you have a vertical picket type fence, maybe weave them into the pickets randomly. Adds visual interest.

What about carving a hole in the bundle as you have it and planting something in it as is.

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I would glue it around a huge pot cover it with glass and use it for a table out on your deck.(side table)

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I saw this project and thought of your message.....I think it would be a wonderful project.

Here is a link that might be useful: window boxes

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WOW sweeteila, THAT"S PERFECT!
Thanks for remembering my bundle of sticks!

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