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kathyanddaveDecember 14, 2007

Hi, I live in a 1200 sq feet raised ranch with the garage in half of the basement and the other half finished into a VERY small rec room. My DH and I just built a detached garage and will not be using the garage in the house anymore (it was pretty useless anyway since the celings are only 71/2 feet and neither his truck or my suv fit inside due to height) Anyway, we are planning on finishing out that side of the basement and are not sure what to do. We have it narrowed down to 2 designs that we are arguing over. I say put a master bedroom, full bathroom, and 2 6'x6' his and hers walk in closets. He says finish it ALL into one huge rec room for huge tv, pool table, toys, etc. The downside to both is if we make it a bedroom, the kids won't have a place to hang out with their friends where we can keep an eye on them, they will probably be hanging out at their friends house. But if we make it a rec room I am forever stuck with a master bedroom that is 11' x 10' with a very small bathroom which doesn't bother me so much as we only have ONE 2' x 5' closet in the master. Which would you choose, and which do you think would be better for resale. FYI our house is definately in the starter house or retirement house range.

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There's no reason you can't put in a bathroom and use it as a rec room at this point in time. In a few years when the kids are grown, make it into the master bedroom and add the closets then if you want, if you don't want to give up that space now.

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I would go for the rec room. I wouldn't want my MBR to be in the basement and would live with the smaller bedroom. Also, when the kids are older, I wouldn't want to be on a different floor from them as it's easier for them to sneak out. I'm not sayimg your kids would do that but I remember what I used to do when I was young LOL!

Also, I think its nice to have a place for the kids to hang out. When they are younger, you will enjoy having them out from underfoot while they play in their own space. When they are older,you'll like the fact that you know where they are. The big open space will also be beneficial if you entertain. My friend has a raised ranch with a finished basement & she has all her parties in it.

If you are lacking closet space, I think you can still add a bathroom and a closet/storage area in the basement for now. Have your DH put his clothes down there!

AS far as resale, you mentioned your house is suitable as a starter/retirment home. If I was looking to purchase a starter home and had young children, I would definitely not want to be on a separate floor from them. If I was older and looking to retire, I would not want a bedroom that I had to climb stairs to get to/from. A ranch is very appealing to an older couple but having the MBR in the basement would sort of defeat the purpose.

Just my $.02. Good Luck with your decision.

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Thanks, I've been asking all my friends this question too, and the vast majority all vote for the rec room, so I guess I'll just have to let DH win this battle :) Maybe that means that the next time we disagree he'll have to let me win!

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Good Luck. I hate when my DH wins but I guess it has to happen once in a while ;)

You will not regret having a rec room. Having another floor with a big open space will double the size of your home. You will have an entire floor's worth of extra space as opposed to just an extra 11x10 bedroom.

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I also have a very small master (?) bedroom with no bath at all ensuite, so I certainly sympathize. I would also want to keep an eye on the kids.

However, I'm not sure how I'd feel about living in a basement room. I love being woken by the sun in the morning.

Is there any chance that you could utilize the current rec room to provide more space for you? Does it have a closet? I would grab it and turn it into my own office/craft room and storage space.

Good luck!

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Could you add a small bedroom along with the rec room in basement/garage? Move a kid bedroom down there? It sounds like the area would be used by all of the family, so a bedroom downstairs wouldn't be entirely separate. Then free up an upstairs bedroom to bump into for enlarging your current master. I agree with all about kids being supervised, as much as they hate it and takes a great amount of time on our part.

Totally understand the small master though, here too. You are among friends in this catagory.

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We have a rec room in the basement and we spend many more waking hours there than in the bedroom. If you put a bathroom down there then it could always be used for a master later if you like. We have a bathroom and kitchenette in our basement.

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I always liked it when all the neighbor kids chose to play at my house. I'd let them go in the pool (with supervision,of course) and I'd make endless grilled cheese sandwiches. I liked it because I could keep an eye on my own two kids and it was nice knowing they had friends. I never had friends as a child,I was always very lonely.

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