Cement Birdbath Pedestal

onewithnonameMay 17, 2008

I have 2 cement birdbath pedestals (not matching) because the basins broke. It's typically very windy where I live so simply putting a pretty pot on top of it doesn't work, and I haven't had any luck buying just the basin without having to purchase a complete set. They are solid, so I can't just put a gazing globe on them either. I'd like to incorporate them into my garden somehow, but I just can't see simply throwing them away. Does anyone have any creative ideas for me?

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What about cementing a top or pot or ornament on top of it? That would keep your top/pots/ornaments secure during the heavy winds.

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Maybe you could set them side by side, with something for a table top across them - then set your potted plants on it or make a bird feeding station on the "table top".


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Or you could make a basin yourself. There are many ways to do it but the simplest is to make an earth mold and cast the basin in a cement mix.
You can either make the mold convex or concave depending on which surface you want to "finish".
You could cover the dirt with plastic and get an unusual "wrinkled" look. Since you control the thickness and the size you control the weight.
Just a thought.


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My neighbor used the top of an outside metal trash can to make his basins for the birdbaths. He just took cement and poured it in and smoothed it out and let it set. they were inexpensive and stood up well

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i saw a birdbath pedestal with a straw hat on top to look like a short person. i think a foam face would help.dj

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You can buy a saucer for a plant...any material....and put it on top. If it is heavy enough it will stay. I use a simple saucer out by the sidewalk filled with water. birds use it. Dogs walking by even use it, lol. You can also use the saucer on top for a flower arrangements of succulents.

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Become acquainted with Liquid Nails - this stuff will hold ANYTHING and hold it ANYWHERE!

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How about the bases for totems? Maybe a some tufa forms on top?

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I put a huge urn filled with flowers on top of mine. Once you fill it with some rocks and the dirt and the plants, it is NOT going to blow over. If you are worried about that, do like kayjones said and use Liquid Nails to fasten the pot on top. Mine looks so good in my garden because it gives some height to the flowers...there are some at eye level now.

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My daughter took a cheap birdbath (the white plastic kind under $10) and filled the top part almost to the top with a mix of cement, perlite, peat. She let it set up until somewhat settled. Then she took mosiac tiles and put them into the top...if it's too hard to put them in then you could just glue them and grout them. The cement will pop right out of the plastic when it's set up. She sets this cement/mosiac top on the cement base for a table like decoration for the garden. She also took the base and made her own base but you wouldn't need one since you have one that you need something to put on it!

I put a copper colored bowling ball on top another cement base to look like a gazing ball. Obviously you want to make sure the thumb holes are facing down so no one sees them!!!

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I bought a clay saucer at WalMart and went the mosaic route.

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What about using the satalite dish like kueenofkings made.She made a bird feeder out of it .She mosaic it,but you could jut put half marbles using the silocone II,or mosaic it, or what ever you wanted.There is a picture on this site this month(I think).

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