Hi all, I'm a newbie!

jessay3May 13, 2006

Hi, I've been lurking here for a while now. I have recently began yard/garage sell shopping with my Mom. Well, after 2 weekends, I am addicted!!

I have found some really good buys. At least I think they were good buys! LOL! I bought 2 beautiful oak end tables for $15 for both of them together (HEAVAY, I pulled my back out loading them in my van!), an iron plant rack that is about 4 ft tall, with 3 shelves for $2, an old copper watering can for $1, a tall bird house shaped thingy with 5 drawers in it for $2, an iron hanging candle holder that holds 3 candles for $2, 2 antique oak school desks for $10 a piece, 2 oak chairs $1 a piece. All of this is in wonderful condition. I mean, of course it needs stripping and all, but it is SOLID and STURDY! I am sooo happy with my finds today! I can hardly wait to get started on them. But it's supposed to rain tomorrow :(

If anyone has any stripping advice please feel free to dish it out. Well, stripping furniture that is.......


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Hi Jessie, Welcome aboard!!! Sounds like you really got some great buys. I love garage sales also.

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Hey, girl, welcome aboard! Sounds like you got some really good deals. Sorry, I don't have any stripping advice - furniture or otherwise! LOL

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I have an easy and unexpensive way to strip furniture, get
some Easy Off, that cleans the oven, spray it on the furniture and leave for a few minutes, check from time to time to see if it has started working, when it does, just wipe off .....Ive tried this, i know it works....patticake

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thought you were addicted to yard saleing ?
get good at refinishing lol
there is a huge amount of imfo. on the web about this for free.
the oven cleaner idea is a good one BUT understand all of the precautions about strippers 'before you use them'.
this would be a very long page if I said it all but a basic kit is easy to put together, go to the lumber yard and look
the citrus ones do work and are less harmfull .
the wood working websites and forums are full of imfo. on this. I have refinished a few pretty nice pcs as an amatuer
and was happy I have also seen a lot of 1/2 done pcs in the t.s,s and at g.s,s so it is easy to give up.
a more specific question would be helpfull Rick

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Welcome aboard! Come in, sit down, have a coffee. Did you bring a doughnuut or two?

Maybe you haven't realized it yet, being new to the game and all, but you have to start heavy-duty saving of money when you get addicted to this racket - sooner or later, you either add another room (or two) to your present house or ...

... go looking for another.

Maybe even one out in the country where there's an old, unused barn (or two). Preferably with a garage, as well - for tool storage, that refinishing, and all.

I think I note some signs of addiction, already - as you noted.

It's a difficult habit to kick.

ole joyful

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I have always had the bug, but joing this and the HGTV web site have made me possessed. I look up and down every street I pass looking for treasures! I have stripped many things the best advice is patience-walk away do something else give the stripper time to work. The $ store is great for disposable pans knives gloves scrapers I like to throw out the gunky tools and start with fresh.

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Well I striped the two chairs that I picked up for a dollar a piece. Whew! Thats hard work! One of the chairs had two coats of paint on it. The top coat was a cream color and the bottom coat was HOT pink! You talking about a pain to get off! I striped and I striped and I striped. It was so thick and gooey it took me forever to get it off! The chair still has a pink tint to it. I have washed it down with paint thinner hoping that would cut it, it didn't. I've scrubbed it with steel wool thinking that would do it, it didn't. I sanded the heck out of it thinking that would help. Guess what, it didn't! Any advice?!!

The other chair had only 1 coat. Thank the sweet Lord! It was blue and was varily easy to get off. The only problem with this one....I can't get all the blue out of the cracks of the chair. HELP!

Oh by the way. What type of striper to all of you use? I bought a brand, I think it's called Strip Ease. You need a HASMAT suit to work with it! Any little speck and it will burn you alive! And yes I was dressed in jeans, a t-shirt, (Hey, it's HOT here in Ga, mid 90's already!) and the "strip proof" gloves. Ha! I spent 5 bucks on the ^%*&$% gloves and my fingers still were burning!

I think next time I'll use the Citri Strip stuff. It can't be near as bad as the crap.


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