Want to help me decorate my new room?

marti8aDecember 29, 2008

Well, not new, but newly remodeled.

This is the formal living room but I am using it right now as the formal (and only) dining room. The table is always fully extended because dh can only get his legs under the ends. When we bought the table, it was extended and we didn't notice that the middle part had a skirt that was too low for dh's legs. We've had the table for years but have never used it as our main table before.

I mentioned selling it and getting a table that was taller but dh doesn't want to do that. After a few months of only being able to sit at the end, he might change his mind. lol I think the room would look nice with a couple of wing chairs in front of the fireplace and a couple of drop leaf tables tucked next to the walls so we could have one for small groups and two for large groups. Oh well.

This is the south wall:

Previously, I had an old secretary on the left and a barrister bookcase on the right. But the secretary needed some work so it is in the garage & we moved this little table there & I really like it there. But now I'm not sure how to balance it on the right. I can put a picture over the little table, remove a stack or two of bookcases and put a picture over that.

This is the west wall:

This is a dresser I repurposed to be a buffet table.

I have a mirror:

that I can put over it, or a picture or two (which I would probably have to buy because I don't think I have anything that would work). I had this mirror on the opposite wall only lengthwise and I didn't like it that way - I don't like seeing myself, much less when I am eating. But upright might not be so bad, besides, I don't sit on the side that would face the mirror, lol.

The other wall has nothing on it, so I didn't bother to take a picture. I can't put any furniture there because the walkway space is needed. It's a bit cramped on the side with the buffet. I'm thinking of putting a curtain rod there & hanging seasonal quilts on it to visually take up space and add some color to the room, as well as helping with the slight echo it has now.

Any great ideas without adding too much clutter? I absolutely love that this room cleans so fast & easy without all the junk I had in here before.

Oh yes, and there is a mantle but dh took it down to restain to match the floor.

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Nice room. I think your idea of two tables is great if you can get DH to change his mind. I really like the chairs you have. They look comfortable. I LOVE the idea of hanging a quilt on the wall. Would make the room feel cozy and colorful and not take up valuable space. Just need to get the right kind of rod. I used wood closet poll rods and I made my own end brackets at one house we had. Worked great and so much less expensive then buying the long wooden rods.

In our kitchen I have the wicker couch which works for seating on one side of the table. When I have to use a table which is almost never. We eat on lap trays in our recliners. After 23 years I give up trying to get DH to eat at the table. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I got rid of dinning room table,stored in my attic space in shop. I bought a folding table that slides behind the couch for storage out of the way yet easy to get out and use.I put a cloth on it to hide that is is plastic or?? whatever that stuff is. LOL I have two captains chairs that are really comfortable in the kitchen across from the couch and we use them all the time. Friends come and sit in them or couch while I am cooking and visit with me. Makes a second living room area for us and we still have our dinning room when needed. I think there is a picture posted on one of the threads of our kitchen.

At first DH resisted the couch in the kitchen. This was at our other house. Now he is fine with it. He is not very into decorating so I mostly just have to do things and he whines then gets over it. Course we did not have a lovely table and chair set like you do.

Again I think you really have to make things work for you even if not what is considered conventional. OH and your dresser/buffet is great and I love the lamps.


OH WOW Just noticed it is 2009 Happy New Year Every one Be safe. I am going to bed.

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Marti, First, you might want to darken the walls or put a color on them or the buffet, so it shows up better than the white against pearl gray/off-white. You could put leg extenders or casters on the bottom of the table legs OR have a wide arch shape cut in the table apron. I love the idea of adding yourself to the room with a quilt hung on a side wall or behind the buffet to help show it off. It would be fun to find a large print or painting, for above the buffet or on the side wall, that portrays someone quilting. It would be fun to have a runner on the table and simple drapes with a color that's in both the quilt and picture. Add a large chimney candle centerpiece or a plant. Another open table either identical or same size on other side of door. Hang pictures about 24-30" with quilting subject matter, above each. It would be nice to have lamps, to spread the mood lighting around, and a couple of pretty things of different sizes and textures on them too. I'm not sure where the window is, so you might be able to hang the mirror opposite the quilt and double the fun. jan

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Thanks Jan. Actually the color is a golden tan, it just don't appear that dark in the pics.

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