Old Bench is broken. Idea for Trash to Treasure

anninthedistrictMay 3, 2012

I have a wooden "Colonial" style bench. (it has the spindle legs and back) One of the stretchers across the bottom...the one that keeps the legs from spreading and making the bench collapse...is broken. The bench is on one of my porches and while it is safe from anyone ever actually sitting on it. I want to put an antique metal table and chairs out there so I can actually enjoy it. Do I sit the bench out and hope someone takes it? Do I beg someone with a truck to take it to the dump?

Or...can anyone give me an idea of how to repurpose it.

I hope you know what kind of bench I mean. I feel like it was in the entry hall of every colonial home since 1962 :)

I can hack it up with no guilt at all! I got it for free 10 or 12 years ago.

Thank you.

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I would set it outside in a flower bed and set decorative things, pots, kettles etc on it.

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Good idea. It holds pots and such on my porch but I think it would look really pretty in a wild flower bed I have in a little archway of trees. I am going to try that.

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Do you have any pictures? I like the idea of adding flowers and whatnot. I would definitely not sit in it. It sounds dangerous.

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Depending on where the stretcher was (between the legs, or between cross-pieces attached to the legs, you can use rope or sturdy twine as a replacement, and still be able to use the bench for seating in a rustic site like your wildflower bed.

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I don't have pics at the moment but it is just a traditional colonial bench.

Nanasaidso (love the name) : That really might work. It actually is still sturdy. I sit on it on occasion but the area where it is no guests would. I have a cafe table and chairs I mosaiced(sp) that I want to put where it is and I like the garden idea for the bench. I can see where nautical twine would make it to the point where if a guest sat on it I wouldn't worry. I was thinking I would cut the legs ways down and use top in the garden but now I am going to try the rope.
I have a boat supply place not too far. I also have a friend who has a yacht....not to sound pretentious because I couldn't buy a canoe! I was thinking that they might have extra rope just hanging around.....
You got me thinking....Bright nautical blue paint, rope and in a little field of wildflowers or poppy's (or is it poppies?)
Thank you.

When I get it done will definitely post a pic!

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This sounds like a great project. I think you should post it on the garden junk forum. Let us see pics when you're finished.

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