After 29 years (Pic heavy, I hope!)

roof35December 14, 2012


I found this site, after I've done some remodeling. We bought our dream home, 29 years ago. It's a 1100 sq ft bi-level, which being blue collar workers, it's still our home.

Wish I would've looked into this site, b/4 we started remodeling, could've picked up some ideas. However, all in all our remodeling project came out pretty decent, not fancy like I see a lot kitchens are.

We did our own designing, and most of the work. Started back in May of this year, finally wrapped up the finishing touches in the stairway going to lower lever (which, I have no pictures). Not an easy task no longer being spring chickens! I did not do the wiring, but laid all the lights out, also did not do the granite. Everything else you see, I did with the help of my lovely bride of 29 years.

The only thing saved from the kitchen, was the microwave.

Our kitchen w/eating area b/4. We had a total of about 4' of counter! What's on the one wall was it, and there's a range & the sink on the 11' wall.

Looking into the kitchen b/4, the refridgerator area.

The b/4 dining area, which we never had a table.

Removing the wall between dining & eat in kitchen.

The area in dining, where we pulled 3 additional electric lines into the attic.

Kitchen after moving plumbing, putting a smaller window for over the sink, lights are in, added ceiling fan, textured kitchen/dining/hall & foyer in a knock down texture.

One of those unexpected surprises. The chimney had leaked, never showed up on the wall, but rotted the floor. Ripped out more drywall, fixed crown on chimney.

Cabinets going up.

Details of molding.

Granite in, along with Blanco sink. Cabinets in, appliances going in.

Dining area where wires were pulled up.

Area where chimney had leaked.

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Decided to take a couple of pictures of the foyer. Sorry, no b/4 photos. The carpet was installed by a life long friend who is a Master Carpet installer.

I did all the trim, but did have to borrow a compound saw, since my sliding compound miter would not cut the returns for the handrails.

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Wow you created a lovely space. Kitchen lay out looks really good. We have the same 11 foot run of sink stove counter as your before. Except we have cabs around the other side so lots of counter to work on. IF I would get the mannequin I have been doing mosaic on OFF the peninsula. LOL She has been lounging there since October. Almost done with her.

Love your soft gray wall color and all the added light. Your house looks warm and inviting. Loving all the pictures.

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I think it looks great. I am really impressed that you did so much yourselves and in a relatively short time.

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what a great update you did! It makes so much difference.

the cabinets are beautiful - as is the granite, the floors etcc. So much more space too. Great move in opening up to the DR area. Ya just gotta love working in it now - even just walking into it!

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Thank you for the kind comments.

Was a struggle and lots of elbow grease to complete. Our goal was to be done by the end of Sept. Looking back, I guess I'm surprised we got done this year at all!

The job I work, we're allowed to build "comp" time to take off. I took off 6 weeks of comp, 3 weeks of vacation to help put the biggest dent in it.

Looking forward to next year, when we can take a real vacation. Don't think I'd attempt to tackle such a project again. It did help since I spent 10+ years working for a remodeler in my earlier days.

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You did a really nice job. The cabinet color is very pretty. Opening up the rooms really expanded your working space and is great for entertaining.
Don't you love having a nice big sink now?
I love the wall paint color, it looks very similar to the Benjamin Moore November Rain that I have.

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I hope your wife knows how lucky she is- everything that gets done around here is because I learn how to do it myself.
You have done a beautiful, meticulous job and deserve a turkey dinner every night until the end of the year!
With pie!

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Thank you everyone.

Eatrealfood... The color is a BM grey, believe it's called Collingwood. It carries into the living room behind the curio, then I painted it a BM green, believe it's called Windchime.

At times, depending on the lighting, it looks all the same color.

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GREAT job! You've refreshed the whole house with the work on the entry, the kitchen and the dining. First impressions have a big impact.

Doing it yourself gives you big bragging rights. I bet your neighbors are cringing if they have any similar projects waiting for inspiration.

If there was previous damage from the leaking fireplace, you removed all signs of it. Those pot lights give a nice well lighted look to the space. Very professional too.

Congratulations. And welcome to the forum. Hope to see more of you.

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You did a beautiful job with all of your choices and with executing your vision, too. You are a talented craftsman!

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Ha no wonder I liked that paint :) I used Wind Chime(Aura465) in a bed room and Aura Urban Nature in another bedroom. Benjamin Moore Aura has some really nice greens.

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What a transformation! I love the kitchen cabinets. It is amazing how much larger the kitchen looks.

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