Easter Fun

mom2emallApril 5, 2009

So I was thinking that Easter is only a week away. And I was wondering if any of you have any fun traditions for Easter. I am always looking for cool new things to start doing.

For instance this year around St. Patricks day I heard someone talking about how as a child "the leprachauns" always came and dyed all their milk green before they woke up on St. Patricks Day. I thought that was so cute!

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Seems this year, we are gonna be playing 'go seek' with BM. She is supposed to have SD with her, so I sent SD an Easter basket by UPS to be delivered Friday... but she isn't there. We don't know if she is going to be going to her mom's house or if her mom is going to grandma's house for Easter.. or neither. We don't know what they are doing or where they will be. FUN GAME!!!

Anyways, DH and I made plans to drive up to San Francisco on Saturday. Spend the night and drive up the Coast on Sunday, circle around to BM's house on the way back home. Now my concern is she won't tell us until the last minute where they will be and if it's anything like her birthday, the whole day will be spent getting calls and texts which kinda takes away from that 2nd honeymoon feeling we hope to have. Of course, it would be just like the first one!

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Well, when we were kids the 'easter bunny' would hide the eggs and our easter baskets while we were sleeping (supposedly ... our paw paw actually did it while we were at church) these days we dont go to church but I do hide all of the eggs and the kids' easter baskets while they are sleeping. We dont let them look for them first thing in the morning... it is more fun to watch them creep around for awhile 'not looking' for their baskets.

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