Great prices to pad my floors!

desertstephDecember 10, 2011

I went to our GW last Saturday (their 1/2 price day) and bought 3 large comforters, a blanket (lt green velvety type) and a small quilt, red flannel pjs with white Micky Mouse figures on 'em, another pr of flannel pj bottoms, about 6 trays, 2 bowls and a lovely metal pot/container with embossed designs on it.

I think that's about it for about 44.00.

The comforters are to pad the floor beside my bed for my old girl when she jumps off the bed (when I'm not there to help her). I'll have 1 to put down when I have to take the one in use to the laundromat. I'll put them on the floor at the foot of my bed and on one side in the new place. The other side I have bins stacked up so she won't fall off. 1 has Scoobie Doo on it - girl should love it!

the blanket is just like one i have for my bed - but smaller, maybe twin bed size. thought that'd be nice to curl up in while watching tv. Not a mark on it - looked new.

the small quilt is for puppy - when she outgrows the chewing stage. I gave her one of girl's quilts the other wk when so cold here. She chewed a bunch of it off! She won't get another til she 'grows up'! lol! she has a rug and 2 fleece blankets tho.

The comforters were 7.50 - 10.00 each, the blanket 3.00 and the quilt was around 3.00 (half price). I stopped in earlier in the week and they were running 15 - 20.00 and I didn't want to pay that so I went back hoping they still had some. They still had a good selection of them - i could have bought more. Had to restrain myself.

The trays are to put on the cabinet shelves to use as 'pull outs'. they were .50 - 1.00 each. 2 of the larger ones fit on either side under the kitchen sink. 1 is a clear plastic with a slight grn tint with embossed veggies on the bottom. It's very nice and I think might be better used on a fridge shelf. Next time I go I'll take measurements for the bathroom under sink spaces.

the bowls @ .30 each are for dog dishes. they can go into the dw. I've looked at W and their dog dishes run about 8.00. all I've seen there for months are black with dark brown combo on them - don't like that. I figure these'll work fine at a lot less $s!

The pjs I just grabbed off a rack as I headed to the cashiers. They were cute and will come in handy since i don't get to the laundromat very often. I'll need to hem the bottoms since I'm so short but I can do that by hand while watching tv at night.

the metal pot/container I think I'll use in the mstr bath for the toilet brush holder(with the bottom of a plastic

bottle inside of it).

It was a great shopping spree! Might have shopped more except it was rainy out here and getting late - and dark. I wanted to be home by total dark.

I went to the laundromat this past Thurs. to wash all of those comforters/blankets up. Wouldn't bring inside til i did. I didn't get one done - i had the large washers filled already. i'll take it next trip - i'll probably be over there this next week. i don't go that way often but our restore is by it so I think I'll be going there next week to look around.

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Wow, great prices. I think that is a great idea to pad around your bed. As badly as my knees hurt when I just jump off the deck, I wonder how hard it is on animals when they get older.

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LOL there is not enough room in our bed for us and the animals. the cats sneak in once in awhile down by my feet. I do keep a collection of throw rugs for the dogs to sleep on. Sounds like you had a great shopping day. Will you be moving into your new home soon?

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I think it is very hard on my girl. Bless her little furry heart! Sometimes she does fine and other times she lands rather hard. That bothers me and I've started to just leave her off of the bed when I go somewhere. She doesn't try to jump up anymore (that I've seen).

I so worry about her hurting a hip or leg. She is very, very boney. I could count her ribs just by looking at her... no meat on her bones anymore. She eats a lot tho... just old and frail.

Sometimes I just go out into the kitchen, or to the bathroom or out to feed puppy while she is sound asleep but she evidently wakes up after i've left the room and comes looking for me.

Up to this point i've used my mattress pad (it was brand new - not any more) and my good comforter. They both need cleaned for the winter - and put back on my bed!

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shades - as soon as I get steps that girl can go up and down on. I hope it's in the next few wks. I'm working on them...

It isn't really ready for anyone to live in it but it has a bed and tv, lights, running water and heat.

decent steps will make it doable!

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

Don't you love when you get to Gw and find just what you need at a great price?

It's sad to see our faithful friends get older and slow down, especially when they came to us as playful puppies with boundless energy. Your fur-babies are lucky to have you, steph!

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'came to us as playful puppies with boundless energy'

yep, my new puppy sure did. I must have been nuts the day I went to get her - lol! Thinking a pup was what I needed. She is sooo energetic! The little stinker could play 'catch' all day long - i get exhausted. But she sure is cute - and silly.

thx mama g.

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I went to my local thrift store to try to find a cat food bowl. There was nothing under $2 so your $.30 is terrific!

Oh and I think the cat marked the garage somewhere. Probably to get even for not being allowed to go roaming last night. But with coyotes and bobcats here, I just can't let him out. I guess it's the shed for him from now on.

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were those bowls fine china! geeze! I've seen bowls similar to what I bought in the local Walgreens for about 1.00.

The last real dog dishes I bought are a resin. over the yrs I've noticed that the resin is porous. That bothered me. Then puppy ate the lip away from one of those - that's when I decided no more using those and started looking at W when in there. I'm glad now that I didn't find any I liked - now I'd be mad at me for paying 8.00 a bowl! I wanted something that could go in the dw (hopefully I'll have one hooked up soon). While at GW I just decided to take a look to see what they had that could be used for the dogs. They had a good number of different bowls (cereal size) for .30 - .50. At that price I wasn't real particular about what they looked like/color - lol!

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Our dogs chewed on the plastic pans too. We liked the pans because they hooked through the fence panels and made it harder for fire ants to get to them.

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put the dog dish inside of a shallow pan of water - like a pie or cake pan. even one of those sq 9x 9 pans.

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I've done that too. For the cat I even glued a food bowl to the center of a pie pan so he can't scoot it across the pie pan to the edge so the ants can get on. It works great except he's a messy eater and drops food into the moat.

But the dogs pushed their dish around a lot and tipped them over. It was easier to have one that hung on the fence. But now we don't have any dogs, so I guess it doesn't matter anymore.

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marti - you are so handy if you get another dog I'm sure you can make one to fit on the fence!

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