some junk finds

junkgirlMay 8, 2005

Thought I'd post some of my trash pics on this forum.

We found the red stool set out with the trash cans and nabbed it. Another time, on the same road, we found the little blue rusty plant stand.

Found this neat plant stand with the trash cans too. I just couldn't pass it up!

And finally this little green patio table. It had a broken leg, but I reset it and super glued it.

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My great grandmother had a stool just like your red one in her kitchen forever. I have fond memories of being perched on it watching her bake. I have it now. Tickles me to see another..... Good nabbing!

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sistersunnie, we had one too. I don't know where it ended up after my mother died, but I bet it had 50 different colors of paint slapped on it - depending on her kitchen paint scheme! junkgirl

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Nice finds. I'm just lovin' that red stool!


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Wow! It never fails to amaze me what people will just throw away... Great for us though. Great pickins'.

Here is a link that might be useful: My Website

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I found a yellow stool exactly like that last summer. We had one as kids that sat by our telephone. My little ones love it. I thought about painting it red, but wasn't sure how it would turn out. Now I am definately going to do it!

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Love your plant stands. I find quite a few of them too, and it is one of my favorite things to find!

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I bought a white stool like that for $4.00 at a yare sale. Best $$ I ever spent. I use it every day. My husband took it out to the garage so often when I found another one at tha antique shop I paid $20.00 for it.

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I picked a stool like that from the curbside market. I use it constantly. I thought about painting it bright red but just haven't taken the time. Now I know I have to paint it. If I can find a time when I won't need to use it for a day. LOL

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My grandmother had 4 of these around her island/bar in the kitchen when I was little. She got them at the S&H Green Stamp Store. How I loved going to the stamp store and looking at the book and seeing if we had enough stamps to get what we wanted. lol


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Nancy, I did that too! We had Gold Bond stamps from the Colonial store. I loved licking and sticking the stamps when I went to my grandmother's house. Neat memory.

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I think everyone must have had a stool like that in their lives growing up! Mom's was yellow with a black seat. I wish I could find one of those...the plastic one I have today just doesn't cut it.

Great trash finds!! Did you find the rusty cherub metal thing attached to that potting bench (I'm guessing that is what it is) on the curb or at a GS? I LOVE it...I've got a fetish for metal.

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Hi Pest,

With regard to your fetish for metal ...

... I had a bunch of pop cans around here till the other day, till I was going to the auto wreckers for a part for the car, and loaded the car full of them destined for the metal recyclers next door - got $55.70 or so for the lot, so doubt that I have any around, now.

Should have some more on hand soon, though, should you need 'em, as I pick 'em from the roadside and from trash barrels at festivals, ribfests, county fairs and such like, where my son, as a clown, blows up long balloons and twists them into animal, hat, jewellery and other shapes for kids.

Last year sent off a bunch of can tabs to Jaybird in TX who uses them on some artifacts that s/he makes. Some of my friends save tabs to recycle to buy wheelchairs for kids - but I recently hefted a box of 2,000 and I'd say they didn't weigh more than a kilogram (2.2 lbs.) or a kilogram and a half. Think I'll just give my friend a dollar or two - do you have any idea how much effort and time goes into removing a couple of thousand pop can tabs?

Last year my friend was clearing the metal from an old auto repair place prior to demolition and I took a van-full of pop cans along. Got $93.00+ for that lot.

Have a great weekend.

joyful guy

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When I saw this, I thought that looks like home. Had to go see where you are from and lo and behold, you are home. I'm in Ga. too. I love all your junk. My mom had the same stool, but in yellow. Where are you in this great state? I'm in the northeast. About 40 miles above Atlanta.

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Good stuff there! You have a great eye.

My stool is dark green. Original paint, but it's pretty scuffed up now. It's in the kitchen and I use it everyday. I have a yellow one in the greenhouse to sit on while I pot things up. It's made differently - the seat raises up.

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