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lindatMay 29, 2008

I am looking for a rug pattern. I recently was in a "handmade" shop and they were selling a loosely crochet rugs made from strips on cotton fabric(left over from a quilt project-I was told). I have made crochet rugs before but these were different. There was a twist in the loop so they were flexible. Where our crochet rugs are stready. I really liked the flexibility. Does anyone know where I can find such a pattern. Oh and they were not "toothbrush" rugs either, more flexible.


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You might do better posting your question on the sewing forum.

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I have made several rag rugs for our summer cottage. The way they turn out depends on the thickness of the strips, the size of the hook used, and what stitch you use. As well the type of fabric used can make a difference. I have used old sheets cut in strips and they are stiffer than rugs made with knitted fabric. Hope this helps.

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