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emagineerDecember 19, 2007

Well, I totally messed up a message on the conversation side. Which was meant to be here. So, below is the post.

Every once in a while a new poster will say "hi" on the conversation side. This forum doesn't seem to use it very much. Problem is...we have it there and tis' forgotten, but new posters abide by the rules and use it.

A new poster said hello yesterday. Suggesting we check that side once in a while and welcome those entering our small world.

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Ummm- didn't know there was such a thing! What's it for (as opposed to what we do here)? Just general chit-chat?

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It is a general "chit-chat". But our forum tends to stay small, so we forget the conversation side exists. And sometimes a new poster will end up there, only to be totally ignored. The conversation side was where I first posted. We really don't have any rules regarding which side to post on and wasn't intending any. I just didn't want us to forget someone may have visited there.

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