Curb shopping question

libra2May 9, 2009

Hi everyone post here every once in awhile.Im an avid curb shopper and just a few weeks ago a man was really nastey with us first time in years this has ever happend! So i was wondering how would i find out in my specific area if it is illegal?I cant wait next fri/sat is community clean up!Happy hunting!!!! Lori

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call the city ordinance office...or the people who pick it up. some people just do not like the noise later at night or the people who pick up bottles. Some people make messes and do not pick up...that upsets a home owner. Or maybe the man was mad cause it was his and his wife made him toss it, lol. If it is on the curb, it is ok to pick up...that is why it is on the curb and not at GW store....tho some people sit on top of trash cans.

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Usually if it sits on curb it's considered a "free' item however if it is in your trash cans that the city picks up then it is considered to belong to the city. The L.A. area doesn't enforce their own law so people dig through the trash. I recycle my bottles & aluminum. I don't care if someone wants to look in my trash as long as they don't make a mess. When I put things on curb/blvd I put a sign on it. "Free" & tell what is wrong with it or if it is in great shape that way someone can recycle it & keep it out of landfill.

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This is the site my city refers people to who want to look up local ordinances.

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