'I Hear a Symphony' (photo)

des_arc_ya_yaMay 10, 2007

Got a wild idea today to change up what I had on top of a cabinet in my kitchen/dining area. Pulled out my old record player and some album covers and 45s. (For those of you who are mere children - those were prehistoric means of listening to music! LOL)

Not "exactly" trash to treasure....to me it's treasure to treasure! LOL

For those of you who are OCC like I am, I looked at the photo and then went back and moved the two 45s on the right in toward the middle so that they don't extend over the album cover below them!! (sheesh!) LOL

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Wow, I love it - I think I can hear those old great songs playing on that record player. I have an old stero and a lot of albums and 45's that I just love to listen to. I don't like nor listen to the new crap they play these days, I'm more tuned to the oldie stations where I know all the words to the songs, and you can actually understand what they are singing.

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Really cheerful and creative!

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hahaha my son saw a 45 record for the first time and said what a cool frisbe lol....I remember the days listening to my beatles record on a player like that...

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Lots of fun! Ah, if my dad saw that central record he would undoubtedly be exclaiming, "It's Howdy-Doody Time!" and singing with great glee. :-)


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Thanks, guys! I just wanted to share! LOL

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I love it! Howdy Doody at the top is perfect! Great wild idea you had there.

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