Treasure or Trash?

Ernie_DennisMay 8, 2005

We all know the old saying "one man's trash, another's treasure," well I've done very well knowing the difference. For example, my nursery was stocked from wholesale nursery discards I nursed back to health and then to my wealth. I also have made a point of bringing-in plants others don't want and keep busy digging up plants in the way of new construction. As I live on 57 acres, there's lots of room, but I have associates that do just as well with just a lot. It's all in working with what you have and knowing what's really treasure and not trash. We do a newsletter to share our collective know-how, which I'll gladly send you, just for the asking. Just send me an Email and I'll get it in the mail.

My Email is


Ernest Earl Dennis, 300 Haryu Road, Longview, WA 98632

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:) several of the smaller nurseries around here started the same way- and at least one of them still looks like it, specializing in natives saved from the bulldozers (and then bought at a premium by the people who move in three years later)

I'd way rather see my money go to them than Home Despot, that's for sure!

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