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crazymosaicsApril 20, 2009

Hello all,

I was just wondering are there any mosaic artists on this lovely forum that are from the Chicago area or Northwest Indiana? I live in the south suburbs (Dolton) and none of my friends are into arts and crafts or mosaics so I just wanted to see if there are any other artists close to me who wouldn't mind meeting up every now and then to share our art, work on projets together, go to craft fairs this summer or even garage sales to find some good treasures. Just wondering.... :)

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Hey, I'm in the NW suburbs, but it looks like I'm about an hour away from you & I'm doing much in the way of mosaics currently, I'm more into fused glass for now. We just moved here from FL towards the end of last year!

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I lived in East Chicago and Hammond Indy while growing up, for about 8 years! Hubs lived in Crystal Lake. We are down here in TEXAS now. Small world. Susie/newbie

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I just came upon your email. I'm new to this forum and new to mosaics. I live up in the Northwest Suburbs (close to the Wisconsin border).

I wish we were closer because I'd love to share my enthusiasm for this wonderful medium with someone. Most people look at me with this "you're doing what look?"

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I wish I lived closer to you. I live near Austin, Texas.

Here's one way that I met others who shared my interests. I offered to visit the art department at the elementary school that my granddaughters attended and show the students some mosaics. It was wonderful; you should have seen the children's eyes light up! I took a full-sized mosaic guitar and a wall hanging plus materials and tools and briefly demonstrated how to nip, grind, etc. and talked about design and safety. Both the art teachers were interested in the same things I am and they are neighbors, so we became friends!

Here's another thing I did. I gave classes to friends (people I used to work with) and about 20% of them kept on with it after the classes were over.

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I'm 20 minutes from the WI / Illinois border on I-94 ! I lost touch with my other glass friend - she lived over an hour away . We did craft shows together & swapped craft info. I know the "You're doing what?" look LOL
Maybe we could meet through e mail ,the meet in the middle somewhere , some day ! :)
My e mail is

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