Why does the chicken cross the road??

sistersunnieMay 3, 2007

Good darn question that I didnt have time to ponder yesterday.....

Took some time off to work in the yard and on some T2T projects and was enjoying my day in the sunshine with my new puppy (who up till this time was never more than 2 steps away from me) WHEN she spotted a stray chicken (gets missed when the clear out the chicken houses). WELL like greased lightening she takes out after the chicken, right down the middle of the road.

If you could have seen it....one terrified chicken running for its life, one white curly blur of a dog in hot pursuit and one overweight-middle aged woman trying to follow! After a half mile (yes I later clocked it) the chicken keeled over, the dog stopped because she didnt know what to do now and I caught her!

Lesson learned not to trust a terrier wherever little alive things might run and I am still recovering from the chase! BUT I did make some progress on my latest project, pictures to follow soon ( thats if no more chases ensue!)

Here is a link that might be useful:

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What a hilarious story!

I spent the first 50 years of my life in Chicago and there weren't many chickens, lol. I have been to many farms as a kid to visit my Mom's family. I've even collected eggs in the chicken coop. But, I'm curious, why did the chicken keel over? From fear? From all that running? Exhaustion? Sorry if this old city gal sounds so dumb!

Debbie in Florida

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What a funny story to start my day off with, thanks for the Friday morning giggle (I needed that). Izzy is just cute as heck. Have fun "again" in your backyard and please do keep us posted if any other stray animals pop up. Oh gosh, wait till the little bunnies start coming out -

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Chicken keeled over dead prob from heart..... they cant take alot of activity, fear or heat. Poor cluck, but I'm glad he went cause if he hadnt I'd still been running.....

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Thanks for the laugh. That was great (after the initial hoping there were no cars coming!) Oh my gosh, I don't think I've ever seen a chicken do that and we've chased a lot of chickens. Was there something fried for supper last night?? :0
Very cute pup. Terriers are very tenacious. Hope you recover before the next chase! ~Anj

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Oh that's just too funny! Well, other than the poor chicken, of course. I do have to add that I feel for you. I know I wouldn't think it was quite as funny if it were I doing the chasing. I'm afraid I'd have been the one to keel over and die.

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Last night she took off after a frog. She was on the retractable leash, but I still had a run for my money, this time in heels! Normally such a well behaved dog, but if something little moves, watch out.....

Having her spayed today so guess she wont be running after any thing for a bit....

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lol, I had a similar thing happen but I wasnt the chaser...my little mini Dauchsand who is all of 4inches high and 12 inches long.... when the door is open for to long I guess he feels the need to escape from us...well my boyfriend opened the door to put out some plants on the deck and out shoots max...he takes off like a wild man down the street...ken my bf..who is a large man both tall and wide takes off after max....he finally caught him when max ran out of gas...anyway I thought when you get your little one spayed I will loan ya max to help you with your new exercise program lol,,,,

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A wheaten Scottie! No wonder she took off, they were originally bred to keep the "critters" out of the homes. They will hunt, chase and "go to ground" for just about anything, and hard headed!!!! My oldest one, put herself between myself and 2 Boxers (think size of Pitbulls) when she was only about 2 years old. My 2 are black and brindle in color.


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Actually shes a mini schnauzer not that you would know it before she was groomed. She looks like another dog before and after, and it made no difference to me during the adoption process, I love her dearly!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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