T to T retaining wall!

KellyFGMay 8, 2005

In our quest to solve all of our new homes lanscaping problems on a tiny budget we decided to get very crafty with a retaining wall. one area of our property dipped down toward the neighbors(there was on old wood retaining system that failed a while ago). Last year we had trouble getting grass to grow there because heavy rain would wash it away.

My creative DH brought home broken up stamped concrete patio that he removed from a customers home & we stacked & packed it a long the property line & then filled it in with 5 yards of topsoil. We are trying achieve the look of slate or bluestone with grass growing up to it & flowering groundcover in between. The pieces are about 6" thick & we broke them into random sizes.

This is a picture we took of the yard the day we made our offer on the house last year-its not a great shot but its the only before I have of the property slopping

I will post more pictures after the grass grows in. Total cost for 40 ft of retaining wall including 5 yards of topsoil $80.

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Great idea and I would love to see it finished. I have tried to talk my DH into using broken concrete but he just sees it as junk, I'm afraid. I'm certain this will look quite lovely when it matures, congratulations and happy planting.

Here is a link that might be useful: Take Time to Smell the Roses, my website.

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Great way to re-use/re-cycle busted concrete. Here 5 yards of top soil is approx $80. KUDOS Kelly!!!!! Recently our city installed water/sewer lines a few blocks away. I wanted to getsome of the busted concrete driveways to use to make a patio area around my fire pit. DH said "NO" now he is kicking his own butt. Cement prices have gone sky high and the waiting list for small amounts is over 3 months, for all the new building around here.

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What a great job you did ... and you can't beat that price! I'm curious ... how high are the recycled cement pieces stacked?


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:) I managed a small seating wall from chunks of a neighbor's sidewalk, topped with some big slabs that had made a rough walkway in what was once a victory garden (it's now in almost full shade, and I have plans to put a seating area back there instead)

it's planted with sedums, creeping phlox, rockfoil, and thymes, and they're filling nicely- in another year or so, you'll never know it's scrap :)

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Thanks, I was hoping you guys would be able to appreciate it!
The highest part(the area that needed the most fill toward the tree) is about two feet...then it slowly dies down.
This weekend we are putting in new irrigation & seeding!

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