More of my trash to treasure photos

dbfirewifeMay 20, 2011

water garden on my deck with old door and screen door behind it, old chicken coop, watering can and other old object with flowers planted in them.

Old door stood in front of a tree, old washtub on a stand with white begonias, the impaatients are in a whiskey barrell

Old chair with turkey roaster full of flowers, antique ice chest with flowers

I too have the drawers out of my grandma's kitchen. I painted scenes on the inside and outside of them, have them hanging on a brick wall of my patio

This is supposed to resemble an old kitchen area. The base of it is made out of two old barn doors, off my grandpa's barn. There is a large enamel wear dish pan with flowers, old enamel coffee pot with flowers, old water pump with old plate sitting under it.

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Love all of it. I remember all of my aunts on mom's side had pumps in their kitchens & then heated big pots of water to wash dishes after the huge meals. 1 aunt lived to 109 yrs old & sliced off salami every day for lunch on her homemade bread & a little side of watermelon pickles & homemade raspberry jam. I used to go out & pick berries for her. Your door with garden message looks so good & inviting. You should repost these pics on Garden Junk forum. They would love looking at them & it's a busy forum. Check it out! Jan

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I love how you've incorporated treasured family memories with your "recycled" art decor. Beautiful!

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Love it!

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wow simply gorgeous...I could spend all day in that back yard looks so inviting

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Love all of it especially the bird painting with poem. Your flowers are gorgeous. Mine are all burning up in this Texas heat. sigh

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Prestonsnana's all just lovely! I love seeing old family things used by another generation!

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I am sooo jealous, all my plants burned up in Missouri heat, moved from Texas and didn't water soon enough. Thought Missouri would be cooler and wetter. Will know better next year.

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lady_alicia Zone 5/6 PA

I love what you did with everything!! You're very creative with how you put everything together. I never seem to get that right. :)

Thanks for sharing!

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