Need assistance reusing laminate sink cut out

aa62579May 4, 2012

My parents built a new house recently and we saved the cutouts from the main sink and prep sink. They are laminate. My father is tall and on certain dishes, he helps chop veggies, etc., and wishes the counter were higher. So, our plan was to use the leftover sink cutouts and attach legs to them to make a movable piece of counter that was about 4-6" tall. He will still need to use a cutting board, etc. but this should raise it to a more comfortable height for him. The legs were easy to find and I stained them to match the counter tops. I have the hardware to attach them to the bottom of the laminate counter.

I do not know what to do about the edges, though. The kitchen counters have a rolled ogee edge on them, so we did not get any of the edge strips you often see. I have seen wood edges as well - not sure if this is actual strips of wood or the iron on edging that is rolled up. Can anyone suggest an idea for the edges? I don't have access to a lot of cutting tools. The counter is about an inch thick and it would actually be nice if the edging would come down about 1/4" - 1/2" more to hide the hardware for the legs to attach.

Any suggestions?

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Don't know that it matters any, but the laminate is from Wilsonart and called Girona Cliff. If I could find the edge strips in it, I think that might be the best answer, but I haven't seen them anywhere.

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There is thin, narrow wood,that used to be used on screen doors (it covered the edge of the screen)that might work.

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I had damage on the front of my laminate counters and I took two pieces of molding. A flat strip cut to the thickness of counter and then a shoe type molding that was a little decorative. With adhesive attached flat strip and then the molding along the upper edge and stained to match the wood of my cabinets. Might give that a try. It was a really inexpensive solution and looks pretty nice.

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Thanks for the ideas. I'll be in a town that has a lowes/home depot, so I may look around and see if they have some trim.

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