perdue2April 12, 2009

Well, SM dropped my DD off as promised. After working in the yard all afternoon, I came in to find several phone calls from my ex. Only message was to call him back when I could. I figured he was calling to tell me that SM was not bringing DD home, so I was in no rush to call back. When it got close to the time we agreed on, I called, got no answer and left VM. I then called SM to find out when DD would be home. DD answered saying she was pulling up the drive now. Confrontation averted!

This left me wondering why ex called so many times? About an hour later I got my answer when he called back. He asked me what my plans were for Easter (here we go, I thought!). I told him that I was making breakfast and then we would be having dinner later. He then says he has a flight down here in the AM and is it OK if he takes her for the day. I said, "Of course, it IS your holiday after all." All of that aggrivation and he ends up here after all. I am sure if it were just him, he would not have gotten so irrate with me. IMO, the whole drama was orchestrated by SM thinking that she could have him do some posturing with me and I would back down. Instead, he met with the exact thing he handed me, the threat of what would happen if he got me in a courtroom. Now he had really gotten himself stuck b/t a rock and a hard place.

I let him take her. In fact, he asked me to keep it secret so he could surprise her. And not only did I do that, but I let him come in and go to her bedroom to surprise her this morning. No mention of court, no hostility. My DD called this evening to ask if she could stay another night since her dad wasn't leaving until Tues. I told her to let her dad know that I said, "No problem." I have no problem working with my ex when it comes to DD, but I will no longer be taken advantage of simply because SM wants things her way. I refuse to give her that kind of control. She needs to get a grip and realize her place when it comes to my DD.

Now I don't know whether he came here for our DD, to pacify his wife, or thinking it would piss me off (thinking I was trying to take the holiday away from him somehow??); but whatever the reason, my DD got to spend the holiday with her father, as it should have been all along. Amen to that!

Happy Easter all!

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You are an amazing mom and you have a very luck daughter. (and your ex should be grateful) Now I only wish there were others that put their kids first.. After all it is about the best interest of our kids.

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"(here we go, I thought!)"

I cringe... I just hate that 'what now?' or 'here we go' feelings.

Glad things worked out for your daughter. She's lucky to have you for a mom, that's for sure!

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