mosaic backsplash ideas please

secondlouiseApril 8, 2010

slowmedown, thank you for your words of encouragement and your suggestions. I am still trying to find a book of instructions and even a coloring book for simple patterns. It seems that coloring books are now all theme oriented (ie:spiderman, cars, etc). I have been spending hours on the internet searching for info about using the stained glass for a mosaic backsplash. Hopefully I will run across some suggestions and patterns soon. I have enjoyed seeing the lovely work done by many of you. If anyone else out there reads this and can help one who knows nothing about mosaic making, backsplash making, using stained glass pieces instead of tile, or where to find patterns please let me know

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If I were you I would not start with a backsplash if you have never made anything with stained glass...start with some small pieces to get a feel for what you are doing.

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Thanks emtnest, you are absolutly right. I remember reading about using picture frames to make a mosaic on the glass. I thought it was in this forum, but I can't find it. I figured I could do that as a beginners project. Does anyone remember a discussion about finding the correct type of frame. I think the discussion ended with a suggestion to try Dollar Store to buy the frames. Thanks

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Micheal's sells unfinished wood frames for a buck. They have a 4X6" frame and also one with a 3-1/2" opening so it has a wider border for you to mosaic. I use the all purpose sealer on it that you can find around their acrylic paints and then I usually prime it with white paint if I am using clear glass on it. Just start laying things on it and rearrange them until you like how it looks and then you can start gluing things down. Have fun!

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Find someone that teaches a Beginner Mosaic Workshop. I have been teaching mosaics for nine years and wouldn't encourage a beginner to do a major project until you've created many pieces. Your skills will improve as you learn to select, design, cut, create, adhere and grout your projects.
There's a lot to know about mosaics before tackling a backsplash.
Flamingo Fanny Mosaics
SWFL Gulf Coast

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craftylady: I did see the wood frames at Michaels and they would be perfect for doing mosaic on the frame for a picture. I want to put the stained glass pieces on the glass of a frame like one puts a photo in to hang on the wall. However, I will put them on the wall to use as a backsplash. Very simple subjects, but colorful to spice up the kitchen. I will paint the frame the brick red I want to introduce in my color scheme. There seems to be a lot of red being used this year.
flamingal: I wish there was someone that taught mosaic. I could go up to John Campbell in NC if they have a class, but I am anxious to get started on these small projects. I do have an awful lot to learn, but I am excited to get started. Still reading books though.
Thank you both for your suggestions.

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That might have been a post of mine. I bought a framed print and discarded the print and backing and kept only the glass. I siliconed the glass into the frame and then mosaiced directly onto the glass. If you go to my blog (link below) you will see detailed instructions. It's the five candles. If you will then go to the February 2010 posts, you will see the finished piece. Hope this helps!

Here is a link that might be useful: Silva's blog archived January 2010

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silvamae: YES!!!! that is what I want to do. The candles are lovely and the quitar and stair risers. Oh my. Wonderful! Thanks for sharing. Since I want to put on the backsplash wall should I just leave the backing on so that the wall won't show through? I wish I could print out your candles, but I did write down all the instructions. Your work is great!

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Thanks. You might want to consider using the plexiglass as I did on the stair risers. Just decide the size you need, ask Lowe's to cut it for you, drill the screw holes, and then mosaic. It's really easy and it's not permanent. email me with any questions.

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And I need to add: there are two thicknesses of plexiglass and we need to use the thicker of the two for mosaic purposes. The thinner one flexes and the thicker one does not.

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I saw this video and thought it was awesome. Maybe it will give you some ideas.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sherrys mosaic kitchen

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Oh WOW, GOLDILOCS: What a fantastic video. Looks like the perfect one for SECONDLOUISE. What a great idea she had of putting each section on boards. Very inspirational - love her kitchen.

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That kitchen is something! I do love the backsplash. Unfortunatly my sound isn't working, but I could look at it. I am going to try and transfer it to another computer so I can listen. I did get that she broke the china, put hot glue on the things and put it on plywood(?). Did she grout? I couldn't tell, but will look again. Did she attach the wood like silvamae did on her stairs with plexiglass. Is it sealed? Thanks goldilocs for posting that and thank you all for your help. I downloaded a lot of instructions last night so rather than find a book I can use that info. The one thing I really need to buy is a nipper. Any suggestions on brand? I saw one at Michaels, but could always order. Of course if I did dishes I could just use a hammer (lol). Wouldn't a backsplash like that be an eye catcher!!! Ummm I need to think about all this. I thought I knew what I wanted to do but this opens another option. Thanks again y'all.

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I did a follow up post on this but it must have gotten lost in space.
What a backsplash! My sound is broken on my computer, but I gather she broke the dishes, used hot glue, put it on plyboard or was it MDF? and grouted with the black. Thanks goldilocs for posting the video. Did she screw the wood on like silvamae did with her stair risers? I thought I knew what I wanted to do, but this would certainly be an eye catcher! I'm going to do some thinking about it. I did download a lot of instructions last night so other than buying nippers I am ready. Of course if I broke china all I would need is a hammer! This is like a obsession, I can't stop thinking about it. I need to get going! Any suggestions on nippers? I saw a pair at Michaels, but can't remember the brand. Thanks to all of you for your suggestions. I am really excited, in case you can't tell.

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I recommend Leponitt glass mosaic cutters (wheeled nippers). I buy mine on line from Maryland Mosaics, but I think you may be able to buy them locally at stained glass stores. I actually have several pair, and I reserve one pair for glass and use older ones for nipping plates. If you visit my blog and look on the right side, you will see a link to some really good instructions on how to nip plates.

Here is a link that might be useful: Happycraftn's instructions on plate nipping

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SEC: You're so cute. DON'T USE HOT GLUE. I don't recommend GE II anymore after Riana told me about her mosaic friend who is dying of cancer from years of use, but I know lots of people use it. Suppose w/lots of fresh air it's safer. I recommend Mapei Ultra Flex II mortar. I have a pair of nippers from Hobby Lobby - Pro something - that have served me well for several years - I use them for nipping dishes. Have Liponnits for nipping glass. Either w/work fine. SILVA's suggestion to check out Happycraftin's tutorial - great - that's where I first learned to nip plates. You're gonna LOVE your new obsession.

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Hey, so I just completed my first mosaic project, a 18x48 inch backsplash for a built-in hutch. It was kind of daunting for a first project, but the last minute guidance I got from forum members was invaluable. I have to post a picture one of these days (still fussing with the posting process) but I am pleased with how it came out. You can absolutely do it. I bought 1/4 thick plexiglass at Lowes and glued stained glass from Hobby Lobby and glass mosaic tiles from the local tile store to that with Lexel adhesive from Ace hardware. I bought wheeled tile cutters and other supplies from Hobby Lobby as well, although I have seen some of that stuff cheaper at Harbor Frieght. Then I grouted and mounted. However, I can definitely see the learning curve of my own skill level ON the mosaic. A test piece would be a good idea to get your bearings. My piece is in a non-wet area of the kitchen, so it's decorative, not particularly functional. And it's non-representational. I wanted to highlight the different qualities of the tiles and glass and just enjoy the colors and textures without anxiety about it not looking enough like something. Good luck to you; listen to the folks here. They totally know what they are doing more than I do!

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I did get scared and decided to try smaller projects at first. The area to mosaic is small, but complicated. I went to Hobby Lobby and got nippers. They had two different kinds. One with wheels and said glass nippers and another without wheels that said tile nippers. I got the wheels one, but now wonder if that was correct. I do have a lot of glass cutting stuff (the usual stuff) but I do want to do the china also and so far I don't have any tile pieces. I figured I could get a good Leponitt one if I continue. I had a very hard time finding adhesive and finally settled on the GE cause that was all I could find. I have a sheet I got from the internet where the person suggests Liguid Nails but never noticed one of you mentioning it. I was confused by the grouts so decided to wait and ask you all. I could not find Klinger's back splash, but thanks for the info Sunshine 4.5. Thanks Silvamaie and slowmedown for your help. I am intimidated by all the great work all of you do, but I will get started doing something soon. It is hard to find stuff in our area and we have no speciality stores that sell mosaic stuff. Michaels and Hobby Lobby have very limited stock. When I am sure what to get I will probably have to order everything off the internet. Thanks again y'all.

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