What would you do with this table?

alisonMay 21, 2006

I found this this morning and was very taken with the shape of it. Reminded me of the shape of the baptismal font at church.

It's about 20" tall, and maybe 18" at the widest point, and has a little door that opens on one side.

It's actual wood, not veneer over particleboard, altho' the top seems to be painted or stained or something. There is some water damage on one side at the base and it's making the door stick a little.

It's a neat little shape, and I'd like to do something with it. If I can come up with a cool idea, I'd like to add it to the stash of painted/altered pieces I'm accumulated over the last few months and put it out for the big neighborhood wide yard sale next month.

Any ideas? Paint it? Mosaic it? Cover it with mirrors or stainless steel contact paper? I'd love some suggestions!

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Wow! Great find! Well, if it were mine, I would probably make it into a bench/seat. Add a slip covered foam top and paint the wood base a coordinating color. Have fun whatever you decide and post pics when your done!

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My brain's tired, so I'm sorry that I can't come up with a great (or even NOT so great!) idea right now! LOL

I will tell you that it's a neat table. Be sure and let us see what you decide to do with it, okay?

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that does look like some kind of church pc.
there are a lot of ?,s here.
like how much you expect to ask and all that.
I see it with a mosaic top and just sand around that tight door on the door and frame to loosen it up from the water damage .
and use one of those 1 step finishes on the bottom would be the least work ,Ive done that several times with a stain/poly
of a slightly darker color and covered any water damage or blemish completely. and is very easy . real nice pc.

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I wonder if its a end table. When i was a kid my parents had 2 of these 1 on each end of the couch. I played barbies in them i would put my blow up doll furniture in them one would there house another a hotel. ;).so i would say these are from the 1970's. Tina

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You know I never would have thought of making a bench out of it! If I was keeping it for myself that's probably what I would do -- make it more useful.

I'm not going to sell it for much, Rick; maybe $10-15. Mostly the furniture I've got for the sale are things I picked up for free, had fun refinishing/playing with, and have no room for. Plus I've noticed that people will stop and come into your yard sale if they see furniture -- and spend the bulk of their money on cold pop, CD's and books. None of which appears to have that draw-them-in-from-the-curb power furniture does!

My only thought was to paint it white, distress the edge a little bit, and stencil a spray of bluebells or something on half the inset panels. Not much work, but rather tame compared to the cheetah-print coffee table!

Thanks for the ideas -- I'm always open to more!

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we have a table just like that my MIL bought at a thirt store and we use it to place the kids tv on and their movies in it for our children church,.I will try to run out there tomorrow and snap a pic of it to show ya.Judy

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Grew up with a table like that.. my Dad changed it into a storage seat for me at college by removing top, upholstering it, and reattaching it with piano hinge. He closed/glued door shut permanently. He put the piano hinge on that side since it would be facing away from view, so old hardware/holes/hinge wouldn't show.

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Gosh, I'd love to buy it off you for that 10-15 just as it is! I repaint furniture and sell it at a local shop (in a ritzy area) for a lot of money... I see it going either with the mosaic in a morrocan theme with the blues and golds. or my personal favorite (and what i would do) a girly girly table with soft pinks and carousel animals in each of the openings....

have fun, what a great find (and if you're in the sf bay that offer stands) :)

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Great find!

I like the idea of making it into a small seat if it will support an adult's weight. I would paint it white or a pale color and inside each indentation, I would decoupage different botanical prints.

I would put a very thick decorative pillow on top of the table but wouldn't glue it onto the table so it could be used as a table, seat or whatever you would need at the time.

Have fun with your new piece!

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I have 3 of them. One from my MIL, the others I purchased in a resale shop. They are very useful, especially since we moved from a larger home with a basement to a smaller one without a basement.

The finishes on mine are perfect, so I didn't need to do anything to them.

I miss that shop, (we moved out of the area). It had very interesting things and it benefitted a charity.

Have fun.

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Its an end table. Most people store photo albums in them with a lamp on top. I like the idea of upholstering top and hinging it. Or can it go on its side and behave like a trunk? With funky designs painted on it?

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I have one, it's in Veneers though. I use it next to our company bed. Has a nice lamp and a doily on it. The inside is filled with extra blankets and sheets and a couple magazines for the company. Sort of a Just in Case..


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Hi all!

I think these were very popular in the 70's.
They were called octagon tables.
Really they were.

Yes, used for end table, to anchor the sofa.


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This table has simply been sitting beneath the living room window for months, until I finally came up with an idea.

I'm terrible about picking up sample cards at the hardware store. Last week in the kitchen section I found sample cards printed with different types of countertops -- green marble, tan sandstone, deep green sandstone, etc. I picked up a bunch because -- I'm still 6 years old at heart, what can I say! I didn't have any plans for them, just liked the way they looked.

Happened to look at the table again and what struck by the fact that it looks a little Moorish, like the inlaid mosaic tables of the Middle East.

And suddenly the light bulb went off! It didn't take long to formulate a pattern, and I spent a night or two cutting each piece out with a razor blade. Here's a snap of the first 3 medallions laid out, along with some of the sample cards and some of the extra "tiles".

I have all the pieces for the table top cut out. My plan is to paint the wood with a dark chocolate/black stain, and I need to figure out how to handle the panels on the side, but -- what do you think about it so far?

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I think it looks great! Are you going to decoupage it?

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Wow Alison, I think that table is going to look gorgeous. I love your design. I've picked up a few of those tile samples also and need to ask - how hard was it cut them with a razor? Is it a carpet cutting razor?


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Lurching along slowly...

I got the stain and will apply it to the top tonight. I think when I get ready to apply the "tiles" I'll spray the top lightly with adhesive. (There's 10 pieces to each medallion, and a total of 7 medallions, so that's a lot of little fiddly bits to line up!)

Yes, I think I will decoupage it -- or maybe varnish on top of the whole thing. Or maybe several coats of varnish!

Sal -- I just used a regular razor blades. Now, these are just cards printed with the surface, basically as thick as shirtcollar cardboard. I've also got a bunch of those wooden tiles, maybe 2" by 3" and 3/16" of an inch thick -- I still don't know what to do with those, in part because they don't seem like they'd be very easy to cut or shape. Or those tons of paint chips kicking around.....

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I don't visit this site often, but just today on HGTV's "Creative Juices" I saw a paper mosaic where after they decoupaged the paper "tiles" on, they squeezed on "Dimensional Magic" that made the paper look just like glazed tiles. Here's the URL. http://www.diynetwork.com/diy/cr_paper/article/0,2025,DIY_13771_5188193,00.html

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