What to do with an old dresser mirror frame?

luv2bcreativeMay 11, 2013

I have a dresser mirror with a thick wooden frame. The mirror is gone from it. What is the best method for the best-looking end-use product for maybe a collage of vintage family photos?

Or maybe a modification to make it a shadowbox of family treasures??

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I have a frame that I'm planning to use to make a wall organizer. I linked a pic example:

Here is a link that might be useful:

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The 1st thing that popped in my head was from a recent photo I saw somewhere of a rather large empty wooden frame (probably was from a mirror too) that was hung with a framed picture inside of it. It was very eye catching, and the frames had 2 different finishes/colors. I'd love to do this project myself because I have a literal ton of empty frames of all sizes. I'd love to see what you finally decide to do with it.

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Just another thought on my post....if the frame is VERY large, you might consider using 2 or 3 framed pics, or even a bunch of other pieces inside the frame to make an interesting wall grouping? Thinking small mirrors, plaques, wall pockets, along with the usual pictures. And also come to think of it.....it might make a great "display surround" for family photos.

btw....love the organizer idea as well.

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